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Happiness seems the ultimate goal of many people. But if attained, it always fades away. Shouldn’t our pursuit be to aim for more resilience, perseverance to cope with all the lucky or tragic events in our life? Christina Bode explains why it’s important to strengthen your mental and physical vitality, whatever the circumstances are. Is there still a lockdown because of Covid-19? Do you have a chronic illness? Is an enormous fatigue bothering you? She argues you can still live a vital and meaningful life. In her research she uses technological innovative measuring and self-management interventions. Dr. Christina Bode is health psychologist, associate professor and director of the Self-management & Health Assessment Lab (UT). In association with Student Union and Paradoks

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Wanneer: 11 mei 2021
Tijd: 19:30 - 20:30
Organisator: Universiteit Twente
Locatie: Vrijhof - Agora DE VELDMAAT 5 7522 NM ENSCHEDE

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