Asito increases employability through Talent Management

Everyone has a talent and talent management is about everyone. But not everyone knows what their talents are. Asito has two talent managers and a number of internal coaches who help employees with their career issues and help them discover what their talents are. By focusing on talents, Asito employees do not only get the most out of their jobs, but they also do something that makes them happy. You can read how this works in practice in this interview with Nicole, Inge, Ilze and Abdel.

In short

  • Future-oriented talent management is important for every employee
  • For Asito, every employee that adds value is seen as a talent.
  • With a special talent management programme and internal coaches, employees can get the most of their jobs at Asito and do what makes them happy.

Global Goal

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Asito’s talent managers

Nicole Snijders, HR manager: “At the start of 2019, I had the opportunity to become a part of the wonderful family that Asito is. I am an HR manager for the head office, and as the icing on the cake, I can combine that with the role of a talent manager. This means that I can lead the way in the talent management field within Asito together with Inge ten Have. Inge always says, “I have the best job in the world”, and it is my personal mission that more colleagues will be able to say this soon. “For me, talent management is about empowering employees. When this happens, the result is even more job satisfaction.”


Inge ten Have, advisor Learning & Development: “That’s right! I do have the “best” job. It focuses on talent management, internal coaching and training. It is a position where I am fully empowered. And that’s something I wish for everyone because everyone has a talent! However, people often don’t know what their talents are or find it difficult to name them properly.” 

What is talent management?

Talent management is all about recognising and developing talents. Asito does this in several ways. For example, employees can participate in the self-developed game called “What is your talent?”. Asito also offers online courses, and employees can get help with their career issues from a colleague through a coaching process. 

Talent management within your current role

Inge: Talent management is not about getting everyone a different job within or outside Asito. Talent management is also possible within your current role. By optimally using your talent, you can get the most out of your position.


Nicole: “We want to emphasise that talent management is about everyone. We consider anyone who adds value within Asito a talent. The talent programme is not only focused on the high potentials that can grow to new positions within a couple of years, but also on the people that are the building blocks supporting our organisation.”

Ilze’s story… about talent management and internal coaching

Ilze ten Braak works as a contract management & tender support employee at the head office in Almelo. She started as a backoffice employee at Asito. After having worked in this role for five years, it was time for something new. Something with more challenges and other activities. She started with talent management in August and participated in the “What is your talent?” game. 


Ilze: “Talent management is about discovering where your talents are and what you like. The conversations with the colleague that coached me were about myself. Who am I? What are my abilities? What do I want? I found my talents, motivations and ambitions by diving into this with exercises and other methodologies. We converted this into a personal passport. It contains a short-term and long-term plan with steps for achieving your goals.” Ilze discovered that her talents might fit the position of management assistant.


“My supervisor gave me the chance to discover if being a management assistant suits me”, Ilze says. “I am convinced that it does suit me, and I enjoy my work very much. By taking the initiative to get started with this myself, I started thinking about what I want, and I have achieved so much already. If I had not done this, nothing would have changed, and my job satisfaction would have decreased. I think it is a great opportunity that Asito offers this. I wish fulfilment in this for everyone!” 

Abdel’s story… about growing within Asito

Five years ago, Abdel started as a floor specialist in cleaning, at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Utrecht.  He did not have much experience in the medical sector. His years as a cleaning worker were an educational period for him, during which he gained a lot of experience. Abdel: “I think my situation is special. I once started as a floor specialist, grew into a foreman, and now I am a facility host.”


Abdel was already asked to be a facility host a year earlier, but he did not feel ready and wanted to develop himself first. He succeeded with the support of his team and the client. I now like it very much as a facility host, and I am thankful for the opportunity to grow within Asito and with this client.” 

Date: 27 December 2019 |

Source of tekst: Asito |

Author: Asito

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