Victa supports Twence with innovative dashboards from Qlik Sense

Twence was searching for an improvement in reports, overview, and consistency in data. In collaboration with Victa, they worked in a short time towards an alternative way of data modelling. The result is that data is understandable and well visualized.

In short

  • Twence had reported a multitude of data, through various departments and in different ways.
  • Victa was thinking along to a new and stable solution so that each department would immediately get an intelligent report.
  • With Victa's Qlik Sense, Twence can describe its data further and more precisely.

Global Goal

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Overview and coherence in data and reporting

Twence is a waste manager in the Eastern Netherlands. Since 1986, the company has developed into an important player in the circular economy by recovering raw materials and producing electricity from waste, biomass and solar.


Twence already used Qlik's software, as several departments used it to store much data. The desire to improve reporting, examination and cross-departmental coherence resulted in the cooperation with Victa. Stef Haverkate (senior business analyst at Twence) already knew Victa from a former employer where Victa has shown they can take care of information services through innovative dashboards.

Unfamiliar environment

"We wanted to do this right. Not only look at the back, which is the data modelling, but also at the front. We wanted to provide our users with a self-service environment for reporting and analysis, which looks graphically slick and can work on multiple devices. We switched to Qlik Sense. The professional data modelling and the transition to Qlik Sense, asked for the help of a proper partner", says Stef Haverkate.


The roll-out of the new strategy for data, reports and analysis comprised two phases. The first phase, data modelling, consisted of collecting data from their original sources. The second phase comprised creating different applications for the visual reports and analyses themselves. Before that, they interviewed departments extensively: 'What reports do they have now? What do they want to analyse? What KPIs does the unit have? This has determined the second step, developing the apps in which anyone who has access to it can freely explore the data.

Information provision via innovative dashboards

Today, Victa's Qlik Sense is used by almost all of Twence's departments: sales, operations, finance, procurement, projects and management - with different apps and devices.


With Qlik Sense, it's a matter of starting project reporting, selecting the project, and seeing its status. This applies not only to the employees but also to the customers of Twence. With Qlik Sense, they can log in externally to their customer portal and access the information. With Qlik Sense, all departments now use one truth as a source. Thanks to Victa's help, Twence now has a sound foundation for analysing different data in all kinds of reports.


With over ten years of experience, Victa has delivered innovative business intelligence (BI) solutions to over 800 customers in various industries. Victa aims to help companies become data-driven by visualising data in a form that easily generates insights to make better business decisions. Victa supports its customers with a new portfolio of BI products and services. The focus is on Qlik and Power BI, both leaders in visual analytics and BI platforms.


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