The Business portal makes doing business in Twente easier

It doesn't surprise us that you've chosen Twente. The region is incredibly attractive with endless possibilities. It's an attractive location for businesses, talented students, ambitious professionals, and investors. This Business Portal brings all these groups together. It connects you with other entrepreneurs, educational institutions, talent projects, investment companies, and most importantly: your future employees.

Want to make entrepreneurship in Twente a success? We can help you!

Find the talent for your business

Motivated personnel is essential. But how do you find the right person for your business? We have three solutions for you, one of them being the Twente Vacancy Bank. Under the heading Access to Talent we help you find your future employee(s). In this vacancy bank, over 30,000 people search for a full-time or part-time job in Twente each month, as well as traineeships, internships, and part-time jobs. Make your company visible to them! How? By creating a clear profile and giving your organization a place on This way, you'll attract talents that fit your business. Take the time to write a good job ad as well. Why would someone want to work for you? If you're struggling, you'll find tips for writing good job ads.

In this part of the Business Portal, you'll find projects and organizations that offer talent. You can contact them to discuss your needs. Among others, ROC, Saxion, and the University of Twente are involved. Additionally, as a partner of, you can use the Twente Matchmaker, an advanced tool to come into direct contact with talent. See which talent best fits your job opening and approach them directly or search for your new employee in recruiter databases.

Access to knowledge and innovation

Having good personnel is not enough. Under the heading Access to Knowledge & Innovation you'll find a handy tool that connects you with other businesses in Twente. Collaboration is the key word! Through the filter system, you'll find companies that can support, strengthen, or complement your business. Companies that offer tools and scans or events, etc. You'll also find business locations in all Twente municipalities and a large part of Twente network organizations. This section is truly your key to knowledge and innovation. It helps you to do business with impact and to build your (and each other's) future.

Information for (starting) entrepreneurs in Twente

Are you starting a business? Then Twente offers many opportunities to grow and innovate. We have gathered all the information under the heading Access to Information. Here you'll find more about doing business and the Twente work mentality. You can also contact collaboration partners at various Twente knowledge institutions. Report your internship or have your own personnel trained. All talent projects are listed here. As a startup, but also as an established entrepreneur, you'll find plenty of inspiration here. Let's do this together!