"Our innovations help companies get the most out of their customer contact"

Having all relevant customer data up-to-date and available at any time, in any place and for everyone in the company. That, in a nutshell, is the function of a CRM (customer relationship management) system. Indispensable for companies with customer contacts. And with the advent of an accelerating digital transition, the availability of data and information is more topical than ever.

In short:

  • New link between AFAS and HubSpot valuable for customer and company
  • Customer data from different systems always available thanks to innovative solution from Almelo company BrixCRM

Global Goal

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Managing data properly and using it for the right purposes. It is a challenge for many companies. Digital developments have been rapid in recent years and new adaptations have been needed all the time.


"First, (customer) data collection was the trend. Then came the demand for systems/software to store, modify and use this data. Finally, insights were also needed from these systems. We have now entered the next phase, which is linking and integrating all these data and systems an organisation has at its disposal," says Tom Schuurman. He is marketing manager at BrixCRM. His company is an expert in building links between software systems and recently launched a unique link between AFAS, a widely used system in the Netherlands, and HubSpot, a CRM platform. "By making the right links, companies can get everything out of their customer data. This information provides new insights and can be used for various purposes."


The new phase of linking and integrating stems from what is also called the 'crisis of disconnection'. "Many organisations use, for example, an Enterprise Resource Planning software system (ERP), which automates and connects business processes. The customer data it stores is not automatically accessible and ready for use in CRM systems and tools for customer communication, for example. This is because all those systems are built differently and often do not connect well," Tom explains.

He continues: "Moreover, other channels and more digital solutions came along that make communication and data insight easier, such as social media, with their own systems for processing and sharing information. The result is even more fragmented and dispersed data and thus less and less overview of all that customer data. On average, companies use 242 different software tools and systems (HubSpot, Inbound 2022), making them especially busy managing and keeping track of these so-called point solutions."


Tom continues: "Fortunately, the complexity of all these systems does not have to hinder a company's growth. For marketing and sales departments, for example, it is important to be able to use customer data collected within the organisation. Central availability of data is therefore necessary, as otherwise each individual system has to be sifted through in search of relevant and useful data. Therefore, many organisations start looking for ways to integrate systems. The issue is then not so much availability, but rather usability of data. Data must be available when and where you need it, and also in a workable form. We can help with this by building the right links."

Own AFAS integration

One of these links is the AFAS-HubSpot connector. This certified integration tool between AFAS software and the HubSpot CRM platform is brand new. Schuurman says: "Many companies use AFAS software as an ERP system and cannot link it with the HubSpot CRM platform. The integration we designed solves that. Integrating your AFAS data with the power and functionalities of the HubSpot platform keeps the data flowing in the right direction. Resulting in the right information at the right time. And all tools and information are in one central place. This makes a company better at achieving its ultimate goal: happy customers. In our philosophy, that is the most important thing."

About BrixCRM

BrixCRM is a full service software organisation that enables companies to use customer data successfully by creating insights that guide processes, strategies and goals. They do this by providing expert and constructive advice and implementing and integrating effective, powerful and innovative digital customer solutions.

The company specialises in technologies such as CRM, Marketing Automation, BI, PIM and digital customer platforms for e-commerce and customer communications, and is an experienced expert in data integration, data migration, data enrichment and improving data quality. Here, 'Data - Insights - Direction' forms the foundation.


Date: 1 December 2022 |

Source of tekst: BrixCRM |

Author: Marloes Neeskens

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