Twente company runs sustainable cloud service

Twente company Fundaments is an expert in clouds. They have made their service more sustainable through an ISO 14001 certification. In 2019, Fundaments worked intensively to meet this standard. It is the international standard for environmental management. This standard describes how an organisation can manage risks that concern the environment, and, if possible, how to prevent these. It helps Fundaments with making their Cloud more sustainable and reducing its ecological footprint so that the burden on the environment is lowered.

In short

  • Cloud company Fundaments from Enschede has achieved an ISO 14001 certification
  • This certification helps Fundaments with making their Cloud more sustainable and reducing its ecological footprint

Global Goal

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Stricter requirements

BSI Group audited fundaments during the last two months of 2019. This is an independent organisation that has assessed Fundaments on the ISO 14001 standard. Colin Keizers, Security Officer and Environmental Officer at Fundaments supervised the process: “First of all, we are of course very proud to now comply with the ISO 14001 certification! This certification helps us with optimally designing our Cloud environments and our office. For example, we choose ISO 14001 or equally certified data centres, stimulate the use of (electric) bicycles among our staff and make it possible to charge electric cars through charging points in the parking lot. We also set stricter environmental requirements for our suppliers and proactively take eco-friendly measures. For example, we have mapped out which maintenance regimes apply to the equipment in our offices, such as air conditioners and electric charging points, and we have formulated stricter environmental requirements for our suppliers in collaboration with BSI.”


The organisation is set up in such a way that the employees work as eco-friendly as possible. Measures have been taken to not only provide sustainable, eco-friendly equipment that uses the latest techniques and methods to save energy but also to make the Fundaments building more sustainable. The entire roof of the monumental office building has been renewed. The walls and windows have been insulated again. Through the ISO 14001 certification, Fundaments commits itself to continuous improvement and to investing in sustainable, eco-friendly equipment and data centres.

Date: 12 February 2020 |

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