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Many people are currently looking for a job. Still, it is not always possible to apply for a job and be interviewed due to the corona crisis. This makes it difficult for both companies and applicants to continue as usual. Charlotte Stegeman from The Chain Company started developing software two years ago, that will make the application process completely future and corona proof by recruiting through videos. Current procedures take a long time and require much coordination of agendas. It is outdated, according to Charlotte. “People apply the same way they did 20 years ago, generally speaking. We can do this differently. The new generation is already used to communicating through images and videos. They are mostly the people that are now looking for jobs.”

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In short

  • Many people are forced to work and apply from home due to the corona crisis
  • The WYSIWYG software makes applying online easy
  • WYSIWYG saves time for both employers and applicants, and it gives a good idea of how well a candidate fits a job

Global Goal

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Charlotte Stegeman, the owner of The Chain Company, started developing software two years ago to make recruiting candidates easier. She called this software “What you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG). WYSIWYG consists of three parts. Firstly, it is a “working at” website, where an employer can post vacancies and attractively profile them with videos and photos. Secondly, there is a back-office system that is very intuitively arranged, making it very easy to use. Everything is automated, so it takes as little time as possible. Thirdly, and also what it is all about: the video recruitment software. Companies can purchase all three parts at The Chain Company, individually or in a package.

Video recruitment

What exactly does video recruitment mean? It is different from interviewing via Skype, Zoom or Teams. Candidates will have the opportunity to record a video the moment they wish to apply for a specific vacancy. They can do this at a time that suits them in their own environment. It works with both smartphones and computers. The employer puts certain questions in the back-office in advance, and the candidate does not yet know which questions they are before they shoot the video. The answers that a candidate gives are authentic as a result, and the recruiter can make a good estimate of the candidate’s suitability within a few minutes. You also get a good impression of someone’s personality through a video; this is a lot harder with a motivation letter or a resume. The videos usually last 1 to 2 minutes, which saves much time for both the employer and the applicant.



“Times have changed, but companies still use the same way of applying as they did in 1995. The Chain Company started developing this video recruitment software two years ago, and we were ahead of our time. Companies were a bit reluctant at the time, but the future is suddenly very near because of the corona crisis. The barrier has been removed, and people see the added value of this software”, says Charlotte. “It fits in perfectly with the way we are currently working from home, and it is also ideal if you want to recruit people from outside the Netherlands.”

Date: 23 June 2020 |

Source of tekst: Twente.com |

Author: Twente.com

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