Further development of AR and VR

Buy and build a new home based on a realistic representation. Augmented and virtual reality take off in Twente through investments from East NL and Kairos Innovation. Both organisations are investing in developer Smart2IT, which starts to implement their developed software platforms internationally as a result of the financial boost.

In short

  • Augmented and virtual reality bring homes to life
  • Smart2IT expands its smart software platforms Innobrix and eyeQ
  • Smart2IT’s software allows (international) organisations to communicate more efficiently and transparently in real-time situations.

Global Goal

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Paper to digital

The Hengelo based company Smart2IT virtually brings homes and training courses to life. The software is based on the idea that consumers should be able to design new houses much easier than currently possible. The software solutions of Smart2IT are aimed at supporting contractors in the customer process, and make it relatively easy for companies to use 3D visualisation, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR / VR).


Smart2IT developed two software platforms, Innobrix and eyeQ. “With Innobrix we convert building drawings into an interactive virtual home, which means that contractors are able to involve the consumer in the building process,” explains Sander Martinec, co-owner of Smart2IT. “People still use paper most of the time. With Innobrix we bring homes to life.” It is not only nice for consumers to virtually walk around in their new house, but it also provides benefits for the construction sector. With Innobrix software, consumer choices are linked to REVIT - the most commonly used design program in the construction and installation sector. After completion of the construction, fewer home improvements are needed because better thought has been given to the placement of interior walls, for example.

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Training employees

Smart2IT focuses on a different application area with their other platform, eyeQ. Gaston Smit, also co-owner of Smart2IT: “eyeQ is a SAAS (Software As A Service) platform with which organisations can create and offer training courses in Virtual Reality to its employees. Thanks in part to the newly invested money from our new shareholders, we will continue to develop the platform into a full XR solution, in which training courses can also be created in Augmented Reality.” Think of crisis and evacuation and driving skill exercises, for example. This modern training and e-learning method can lead to better-trained staff, a safer working environment and fewer accidents in the workplace. Among Smart2IT’s customers are Shell, Installatiewerk Nederland, a large driving school in the middle of the country and Asito.

Connecting Twente

Oost NL supported Smart2IT before with two innovation investments. It now invests from the Innovation Fund Overijssel. With the investment, Smart2IT is able to further develop the Innobrix and eyeQ platforms even faster by adding technological features. The new sales department will then launch the platforms internationally. Smart2IT maintains good ties with knowledge institutions in the region. For example, several (research) trainees from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences are working at Smart2IT. AR and VR are the future and fit into a sustainable world in which software is becoming smarter and supports real-life situations.

Date: 23 July 2019 |

Source of tekst: Oost NL |

Author: Twente.com