Lotte has seen the entire world but returned to Twente

Lotte Sander (32) saw a lot of the world during her studies (Tourism Management). Everyone around Lotte thought that she would continue exploring the world and would not return to Twente for the time being. However, she did return to Twente, and she feels completely at home here. She enjoys her family and friends, the Twente mentality and nature, and her job at Event Creators.

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  • Lotte studied Tourism Management in Deventer and lived abroad several times.
  • She works as a Campaign Manager at Event Creators. She, together with companies, looks beyond the event itself and is responsible for changing the behaviour of the target group.

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This article is part of a series called “Twente Leeft!” (Twente Lives!). You can read personal stories here about living and working in Twente. Twente is a nice place to be, according to the talents we meet. The beautiful nature, space, the down-to-earth mentality; they all characterise Twente. There are also plenty of career opportunities! Twente has many innovative, international and future-proof companies that are desperate for staff. Want to know what Twente has to offer? You can find Lotte Sander’s story below.

Eager to travel

Lotte has always been eager to travel and chose to study Tourism Management. She did two internships abroad during her studies. Lotte: “I wanted to see the world and go on an adventure. I went to Australia first, mainly because I was interested in the people and the culture there. My second internship was in Spain, Madrid, because I wanted to learn Spanish. Many people around me expected that I would not settle down in Twente, but nothing is further from the truth, in the end.”


“I went abroad for longer periods several times, during my studies, but I also returned three times. So I asked myself: ‘Why am I doing this?’ For my friends and family, among other things, but also for the Twente mentality. It was important to me to work for an organisation with a clear vision and strategy when I was looking for a job. An appealing company that contributes to society. I did not have to leave Twente for this because I love my job at Event Creators.”

More than a fun event

Event Creators is known for organising events, both in Twente and beyond. But many people do not know that an event is much more than just organising a programme, entertainment, food and drinks. Lotte: I am a Campaign Manager at Event Creators. I work together with a company to look at what we can achieve during an event. Organising a party as a company is a lot of fun, but they must know which target group they want to address and what they want to achieve with it. In other words: which behavioural change do you want to create in your target group?”


“An important part of my job is setting goals together with the client. I am convinced that live communication is the strongest form of communication. But communication around the live event is also very important because that is the only way to reach the final goal. That is my responsibility in my job.”

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Lotte has seen the entire world, which is precisely why she wants to say that we can be more proud of Twente. “We are lucky to live and work in a beautiful green environment, and there are also plenty of job opportunities in Twente. Our ambition as Event Creators is to be one of the top 10 event agencies in the Netherlands. We almost won a Golden Giraffe a while ago. This is a national award for the event industry. Our way of working and the way we deal with events appealed to people.

What’s more: the effects of our work are visible, and we achieve great results. We are ahead of the game most of the time! As far as I’m concerned, we should be prouder of everything we do in Twente.”

Twente lives

Twente is the ideal place to live and work, according to the talents we meet. Want to know why? Read personal stories about living and making a career in Twente on Want to look for a job immediately? Then take a look at our extensive job site.


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