‘We should not take good water quality for granted’

Julia Model immediately knows it suits her when she reads about the Aquatic Ecotechnology study in Vlissingen. She does not hesitate for a moment, packs her things and moves from her hometown of Bielefeld in Germany to Vlissingen. She later found a job with the water board, now in Almelo, in which she felt she was making a real contribution to water quality in the Netherlands.

In short:

  • Julia Model is a Licensing Officer for Industrial Water Quality at Water Board Vechtstromen and is happy to contribute to water quality in the Netherlands.
  • As a German, she is proud of our small country’s reputation in the world. Relatively speaking – for such a densely populated country – our water quality is the best.

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“I had already talked about the Dutch education system being better than that in Germany with my parents. I was already looking at Dutch studies, but I only became excited when I read about this study. And Vlissingen had the most sunshine duration compared to other places in the Netherlands where you can do this study, which made the decision much easier", she jokes.

With my own eyes

The fact that our country is the expert in water management prompted Julia to pursue a career here in the Netherlands after her studies. “I thoroughly enjoy being able to contribute to the water quality because I know that good water quality cannot be taken for granted”, she says from her office at Water Board Vechtstromen in Almelo, where she works as a Licensing Officer for Industrial Water Quality. She saw this with her own eyes when, after her studies, she went to several countries, including Nepal, to do volunteer work. “Tap water there contains too much iron, and tap water in the United States has too much chlorine.”


Julia worked at Priva, a company specialising in climate control for horticulture based in De Lier in the Westland region. She spent a lot of time abroad for her work there and says that this proved time and again how good the Netherlands is at water management. “The entire world knows the Netherlands. Because of the cheese and the roses, of course, but especially because of its water infrastructure, which is among the best in the world.”

From Rotterdam to Denekamp

Julia reoriented herself when she had a son and found a job with the water board, where she could make a real contribution to the country's water quality. “First at the Hollandse Delta Water Board, and now here in Almelo.”


She, therefore, moved from Rotterdam South to Denekamp. A world of difference. "Living here makes me so happy. It's a relief", she says. "The people here are friendly, greet each other, and are there for each other. The environment is beautiful, and I have a garden by my house. I couldn't wish for more. I already knew of Twente; I often went shopping in Enschede and Oldenzaal with my parents. After all, Germans often like Dutch clothes and furniture better”, she says with a laugh. “But I have only truly started to appreciate it here now that I live here.”

Friendly and collegial

The atmosphere at Vechtstromen is friendly and collegial, which Julia has never experienced in this way before. “I like that questions are answered immediately, and my colleagues are helpful and think and act from a common interest rather than self-interest.”


Julia is in touch with many different companies because of her jobs. “I talk with companies about permits”, she says. “They could expand their activities or deal with different regulations in various industries. That diversity suits me.”


Julia is getting to know Twente better and better in her private life and is becoming even more enthusiastic about her new home. “I was in Springendal the other day, for example; beautiful. But going for a run in the woods, eating at an Italian restaurant in Denekamp, having a drink on one of the small terraces, I love it. But I love exploring our new world with my son Oskar the most.”

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Date: 2 January 2023 |

Source of tekst: Julia Model, waterschap Vechtstromen |

Author: Maaike Thüss

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