Twente is dear to Rianne

Rianne Kokhuis was born and raised in Almelo but moved to Tubbergen for love. She always had the drive to look for excitement. But when she leaves Twente for that and plans a trip to the Randstad, she always gets homesick for Twente and realises that her heart is really in Twente.

In short

· Rianne Kokhuis moved from Almelo to Tubbergen, and although both of them are in Twente, it feels like two different worlds to her. 

· She has a nice job as Consultant Education Logistics at Senz Interim and works both inside and outside Twente with various clients. 

· Rianne loves the hustle and bustle of the Randstad, but her heart is really in Twente.

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This article is part of the series 'Twente Lives!' Here you can read personal stories about living and working in Twente. According to the talents we speak, it is good to be in Twente. The beautiful nature, space and down-to-earth mentality characterise Twente. Besides, there are career opportunities! Twente has many innovative, international and future-proof companies that are crying out for staff. Want to know what Twente offers? Read the story of Rianne Kokhuis below.

Two different worlds

Rianne grew up in Almelo, but when she was 21, she moved to Tubbergen for love. While only ten kilometres apart, they are two completely different worlds. "I always look for buzz and excitement. But in a village like Tubbergen that doesn't always work. But I can make my children grow up very relaxed here, and it's nice that everyone knows each other and looks after each other's children. If I want to go live things up a bit, I'll get in the car, and I'll be in the Randstad or, for example, on the beach."

Not a tough study, still a superb job

Because of private circumstances, Rianne chose not to study. Later she did an MBO+ course and could stay at Rabobank after her internship. There she did several internal training courses and eventually got the opportunity to work as a Consultant educational logistics at Senz Interim. "I've found out that it has to be like this for me. Eventually, you will get there with willpower, enthusiasm, perseverance and the will to accept things from others." 

"Above all, do what you feel good about and where your heart lies. I can now advise educational institutions on everything that relates to planning and creating schedules. I really like doing that. Especially during the first corona wave, it was quite a challenge. Sometimes I didn't know how I had survived the day, but I succeeded, anyway. I like these challenges!"

Twente always feels like coming home

Rianne is regularly in the west of the country for work, but Twente always feels like coming home to her. Both in her personal life and business wise. "In Twente, there is a genuine feeling of coming home. Here I can relax again, there is a lot of nature, and I can almost always drive on without traffic jams. I think every Twentenaar feels that way. I think Twentenaren also like the same people around them: nice, down to earth and relaxed." 


"In projects, I also regularly get told that customers like that we, as Senz Interim, always look sober at issues. Especially in the Randstad, customers like that we don't panic so quickly and have the mentality of 'Just do it. If you do, you're already sufficiently crazy'."

Keep your heart close

Rianne has learned to stay close to herself and choose what makes her happy. Her parents never pushed her to go to college, and that's one way she's found her way around. "Staying with yourself and listening to your gut feeling are both very important. If you do, you discover your passions, and you learn better and better what makes you happy.

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Date: 17 December 2020 |

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