Project manager Rob Olde Heuvel enjoys VIRO’s beautiful projects at the Hengelo branch

Entrepreneur Hennie van der Most is building an amusement park on the old AVR site, the former waste incineration plant in Rotterdam. An enormous tower with a view over the city is one of their best attractions. VIRO is making the design for the construction of this tower. Project manager Rob Olde Heuvel is in charge of the project. “I have a technical background and completed two studies at Saxion: Mechanical Engineering and, later, Electrical Engineering. I know technical language because of it, and I can find out where problems lie. I like working on projects like this; they are both technical and creative simultaneously.”

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  • Project manager Rob Olde Heuvel enjoys his job at VIRO’s Hengelo branch. The varying projects and the combination of creativity and technology still captivate him, even after sixteen years.
  • The atmosphere at Viro and in his hometown Losser is friendly. This is a great reason for Rob to stay in Twente. As well as the career opportunities, which are just as great here as in the rest of the country.

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International Engineering Firm

Rob has been working for VIRO for sixteen years, although he was seconded to Akzo Nobel for eight years. “I started as a project engineer there and later became a project manager. I notice how much VIRO has grown in all those years now that I am back: there were about 350 employees when I started working here sixteen years ago. Now, there are over 850.” According to Rob, the numbers do not detract from the atmosphere at the international engineering company that specialises in project management and engineering in any way. “There is no reason to leave Twente for work. Nor for study, for that matter. The surroundings are beautiful, and the atmosphere is friendly. After spending the day at home, with family or friends, I love finishing my Saturdays with a beer with my mates; my old friend group still exists. We still go to tent parties together, such as the Zwarte Cross festival or the upcoming Whitsun parties. What’s more: it only takes a short while to be in the middle of nature, by bike or car. Everything I need can be found here.”

From A to Z

You can find work anywhere as a project manager. Headhunters try to lure employees away with higher salaries or extras. Rob is not tempted; he still likes his job at VIRO as much as he did sixteen years ago. “I started studying Electrical Engineering in 2013 and completed it in my evening hours.” Going to school twice a week and doing the necessary studies at home was quite a task. “Fortunately, there was an overlap with subjects I had taken during my mechanical engineering studies. I am glad I did it because I can now discuss both disciplines in my work. That is very valuable. I am usually involved in projects from start to end. I make adjustments where necessary, talk to the clients, supervise the planning and budget and so on. The Van der Most project is large, but we also do smaller projects at VIRO. This variety is what makes the job so fun. As long as beautiful projects keep coming my way, I will continue to enjoy working here.”

And he enjoys living here too, of course, because Twente feels like home for him. And for his girlfriend Nicole, who will become his wife on the 23rd of September. They live together with their three-year-old daughter and their six-year-old son in the beautiful village of Losser.

Twente lives

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