Financial Manager Jolanda Pluimers finds new challenges at NDIX every day

‘Bringing change is the best thing there is’

Jolanda Pluimers has never been bored in her four years as Financial Manager at NDIX. “NDIX started twenty years ago, as a start-up. It was time for more professionalisation and that’s when I joined”, she says. “I love creating order out of chaos and managing change. Every day is still different; we always face new challenges as a company. We are currently working on (further) automation, for example. The CRM system and a new customer portal are part of this.”

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Change management and solving puzzles are part of Jolanda Pluimers’ DNA. She is a financial manager at NDIX in Enschede and works on fine-tuning the organisation daily. 
Nothing beats Twente for Jolanda; the people are pleasant to deal with and honest, there are plenty of good companies and Twente also has everything she could want in her free time: from peace and quiet and nature to incredible events and restaurants.

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This article is part of the series 'Twente lives!' Here you will read personal stories about working and living in Twente. According to young talent ed people that we speak to, Twente is the place to be. The beautiful nature, the space, the down-to-earth mentality; all things that characterize Twente. In addition, there are plenty of career opportunities! Twente has many innovative, international and future-proof companies that are in need of  additional staff. Want to know what Twente has to offer? The story of Jolanda Pluimers can be found below.

NDIX is a company that provides customers with connectivity through fibre-optic connections. “Companies can choose which provider they want to use”, she explains. “We offer them a connection that is guaranteed to be secure and highly reliable. Our customers, including hospitals and government institutions, choose NDIX for these reasons.”


Jolanda studied Business Economics at the IJsselland University of Applied Sciences in Deventer. “I could have got a job with an accountant or with a bank, but I wanted to work at a business. My first job was very hands-on. I started as an assistant controller with the Rouweler Group where I, as a financial expert, gained experience with all different sides of the job, including purchasing (outside the EU), sales, production assembly, franchises, real estate, and branches throughout the country. A versatile company in other words, where I worked my way up to group controller. This learning process involved many courses and trainings. I chose to find a new challenge at NDIX after a great career, and I have now been working here in Enschede with great enthusiasm for four years.”


She has always lived in Enter, the place where she grew up. “I have thought about leaving, but it somehow never happened”, she explains. “I am 42, and now that I have a husband (Harmen) and three children – Fine aged 9, Luus ages 7 and Jur aged 4 – it will probably never happen. And why would I? I love Twente and its people. They are pleasant to deal with, open and down-to-earth. What you see is what you get, and I love that. I never find things like double agendas at NDIX, or anywhere else in Twente. We learn from each other, and everything is open for discussion. You can say ‘no’ or disagree with something, and we are not afraid to talk about differences. That is what allows us to make progress. I have a decisive position in the company as Financial Manager because almost all parts of it are related to finance. It’s great to be able to set priorities for the future together.”

Enter’s catering industry

She enjoys her work immensely, but the same goes for her private life. “I am a very sociable person, I like having people around me”, she says. “A glass of wine on a terrace, going to the theatre, everything is possible here. Enjoying lunch on the Oude Markt in Enschede, but Enter too, where the catering industry is great.” But Twente has much more to offer. “We live at the edge of a village, so it only takes 300 metres for us to be in the middle of greenery, often accompanied by our dog. That is great.” She also praises events such as the Black Cross and the Military, which she attends every year. And don’t forget the games of FC Twente and the Twente Vrouwen. “All events I love to go to. You meet people in a pleasant atmosphere, which is a great way to strengthen your business contacts.”

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