Yoep is a Cloud Engineer at Inverid: “I find high-level security fascinating”

He pursued a PhD at the University of Twente but gradually discovered that he is more of a practical person than a researcher. Now, Yoep Kortekaas (26) is happily employed at Inverid, where he works as a Cloud Engineer, ensuring that confidential data remains securely locked.

Yoep, what does your role as a Cloud Engineer at Inverid entail?

“Our CTO always says that at Inverid, we sell trust. We developed a tool for verifying identity documents. We work for various government agencies, trust service providers, and banks. As a Cloud Engineer, I ensure that our application is available in the cloud and secure the environment in which the server operates.”

Inverid was one of the first companies to offer this technology.

“We are even the first globally to develop a product for remotely verifying identity documents using a smartphone. It’s quite a task because documents look different in each country. Inverid invested a lot of time collecting this data and figuring out how to read this information with a mobile device. That’s where the value of our product lies.”

What attracts you to this role?

“I find it very interesting to explore security at a higher level. Our product consists of several components, and the most critical applications are secured with multiple layers. I enjoy thinking about how to set that up best. Additionally, I like automating processes. Whenever we need to make changes to the architecture behind our product, a colleague from the cloud team often must be involved. It’s good for security, but less agile because it’s quite time-consuming. We can make this process more efficient by automating certain steps, eliminating the need for a cloud engineer to get involved. I find it fascinating how we can remove the human factor from the architecture.”

It’s an intriguing world.

“That’s also one of the reasons why I chose Inverid. Before this, I worked on a PhD at the University of Twente. I spent 2.5 years researching secure data sharing in healthcare institutions. Along the way, I realized that research wasn’t quite my fit. But I do find cybersecurity and cloud technology exciting. So, I looked for a company where these two aspects converge and found that at Inverid.”

Did you also study at UT before starting your PhD?

“Yes, I grew up in Heino, near Zwolle. After high school, I pursued a bachelor’s in computer science. I could have gone to Eindhoven or Delft, but I chose Enschede. Later, I also did my master’s in cyber security there. It wasn’t just because the programs had a good reputation but also because the atmosphere in Twente suited me. It’s very open, and people are approachable. I like that.”

Do you find that same openness at Inverid?

“Absolutely. The organization here is very flat. I prefer short lines over a big, bureaucratic structure. If I need something from our CTO, I can approach him directly, and he’ll make time for me. Because the lines of communication are short, colleagues know from each other what they are working on, which is also nice. At the same time, I can develop myself here. If I want to take a course, that’s not a problem. If I can justify it, budget will be allocated. For me, this feels like it should be. I really feel at home here.” 

Date: 15 January 2024 |

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Author: Willem Korenromp

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