Ruud Hofhuis from Saasveld loves numbers and parties

Ruud Hofhuis has a “thing for numbers.” As the son of a math teacher and a math coordinator, it’s almost inevitable. He turned his passion into his profession after studying Business Economics, followed by Accountancy at Saxion University. As a controller at Odin Group, the Hengelo-based company that builds, manages, and advises on IT solutions, his knowledge and ambition come together.

What’s it like working for Odin Group?

“Odin is a great employer. I have a lot of responsibility in my job. Working for different companies within Odin Group, such as Heutink ICT and Previder, I interact with many people. As a controller, I handle things like the monthly figures presented to shareholders.”

What makes it interesting?

“Many figures come from the system, but the beauty is that we don’t just show the current situation. We also present what’s in the pipeline and make forecasts. And I conduct audits, which are also crucial.”

Have you always been interested in numbers?

“Yes, as the son of a math teacher and a math coordinator, our conversations at home often revolved around numbers. I was good at the STEM subjects in school. I love analysing, connecting things, and using the past to predict future effects.”

And in your free time?

“That’s a different story. I’m from Saasveld, and that’s where I still live. I play football for Saasveldia in the sixth division. I’m a member of the carnival association De Buisman’s Keals, where I play the trumpet in the brass band De Koffiebraanders, along with my brother Maarten.”

That sounds like “t löp wa los’ (“it will all work out”, ed.), a true Twente saying.

“I’m a true Tukker (person from Twente, ed.), yes. I love the friendliness of Twente. The tranquillity, the space, in short, what every Tukker says, really.”

But what does that friendliness consist of?

“Everyone is there for each other. If you need something and ask for it, you’ll have it in no time. Our countryside still has ‘noaberschap’ (neighbourly care for those around you, ed.). That’s less common in other parts of the country. I love that as noabers, we help and care for each other.”

What is Odin Group?

Previder and Heutink ICT together form the Odin Group. Around 650 employees develop, manage, and host IT services daily from the striking Expo Center building along the A1 in Hengelo. Their shared mission? Enable customers to excel through optimal use of information technology.


Previder provides the complete IT foundation to the healthcare sector, businesses, housing associations, and the development sector. Heutink ICT ensures online technology in education and is a knowledge partner for students and teachers in the online field

Odin Group employs many people from Twente. Do you notice that noaberschap there, too?

“Yes. Everyone is willing to help. If you don’t understand or know something yet, you just pull up your chair to a colleague and get an answer. And it’s also enjoyable. I turned thirty this week, which didn’t go unnoticed here. Additionally, there are barbecue evenings, drinks, and other activities with colleagues. It’s not hierarchical at all, an atmosphere that suits me perfectly.”

It sounds like you enjoy a good party?

“Absolutely. I’m a loyal visitor to local tent parties with my friends. In Deurningen and Albergen, for example. Additionally, we go on a weekend trip to Riga, Prague, or Edinburgh with friends once a year. I also like attending FC Twente matches. I am going with my father and brother; we have a season ticket. Once every two weeks, we cycle together along the cycle highway to the stadium and enjoy the great atmosphere.”

You have a pretty busy life alongside your work.

“Well, Saasveld is an active village, and I go along with that. I help with the historical parade, even though it only happens once every few years. With the brass band, we occasionally perform, for example, at De Toermalijn in Hengelo, where they welcome children with disabilities. I love seeing how the children enjoy and thrive from our performance. Busy or not, I’ll keep doing things like this.”

Date: 18 September 2023 |

Source of tekst: Odin Groep |

Author: Maaike Thüss


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