Eelkje's wish comes true at IMS in Almelo

Eelkje feels at home as a Mechanical Engineer at IMS, where she has the opportunity to realise her ambitions. She made a conscious choice for a job where she is involved in the entire process, from the design to the finished product.

In short

  • Eelkje is 26 years old, graduated from the University of Twente (UT) and has now been working as a Mechanical Engineer at IMS for one year.
  • She is originally from Friesland, but she has been living for Enschede for eight years.

Global Goal

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Eelkje already knew as a child that she wanted to do something with engineering later in life. She did not know precisely what it would be, but it definitely had to be technical. She chose to study mechanical engineering at the UT. She did a minor in Biomedical Engineering but still preferred the mechanical direction. She can now finally apply the theory from her studies to her job at IMS!


IMS specialises in building (automated) assembly lines and process automation for small, complex products and assemblies. There are currently several ongoing projects for several industries, such as the automotive industry. We designed and made a machine that can assemble adaptive headlights so that the lights are synchronised with the car. This will ensure that the lights turn with the car when steering into corners.’

Redesigning and 3D-models

Eelkje feels completely at home as a Mechanical Engineer at IMS, and she has the opportunity to realise her ambitions. She made a conscious choice for a job where she is involved in the entire process, from the design to the finished product. “I love being able to see and hold a product that you designed or worked on yourself”, she says. “Mechanics will sometimes call you when you have designed something: ‘Put this prototype together yourself. Is this easy to work with? Can you work with it? How much time does it take?’. You need to keep these questions in the back of your mind. The machines must work well, and the person assembling it must also be able to do so easily and quickly."


Her weekly schedule varies greatly, from figuring out why something turned out the way it did to redesigning and drawing 3D models. She works on different subsections of the machine each time, trying to optimise it so that the machine as a whole functions more robustly. “I am also sometimes asked to look at something someone else is having a problem with. I can bring a fresh perspective and analyse where the problem might be coming from. This triggers me into thinking about what exactly is the best solution every single time.” 

A city that suits me

The choice was not very difficult for Eelkje. She is originally from a village close to Dokkum, Friesland. She had to choose a different place to live for her studies. “Delft and Eindhoven were a bit more massive and a bit further away. Enschede immediately gave me a good feeling. The place suits my character and habits a lot better. Act normal, that's crazy enough; a nice, down-to-earth mentality”, she says. "I have no regrets, and I've lived here for eight years now!”

Eelkje loves the sport Survivalrun, and often does this in her spare time. This sport combines trail runs with obstacle runs and some more technical aspects. The Survivalrun sport has become much more popular with the rise of Obstacle runs. She started survival running in Leeuwarden and continued at student association DSSV Tartaros during her time as a student. She is now a member at Rutbeek Survival.
“Survival running in a competition involves, in short, completing a number of obstacles over a certain distance. Whoever has the fastest time and completes all the obstacles correctly wins. My personal goal is to complete all the obstacles properly, which is a real physical challenge for me.”
Eelkje has also taken the initiative to start a running group at work, next to her hobby and sports. They train together regularly and even compete together. IMS's pay-off 'Taking you steps ahead' also goes for the running group!

Date: 15 August 2022 |

Source of tekst: IMS |

Author: Fleur van den Brule

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