‘Valuable that we contribute to development of students and region’

He lived in Eindhoven, Tilburg, and Amsterdam as a student and was a snowboard instructor in Austria, the Czech Republic, and France during a gap year. Joost Meijer (46) was looking for adventure, but Twente always stayed in the back of his mind. The Lead Business Information Manager of Saxion University of Applied Sciences has been back in Hengelo for years now, where he lives happily with his family.

Lead Business Information manager, what does that entail?

“As Lead Business Information, my team and I try to help Saxion as best as possible with user-friendly, future-proof, secure, and affordable information provision (both the ICT facilities such as, for example, a Student Enrolment and Tracking System, a Learning Management System and the processes, ed.) that supports the students, employees, and Saxion’s goals. In the end, it’s about ensuring that the information facilities optimally aid the students and staff in everything regarding education, research, and cooperation within and with Saxion.

What appeals to you in this position?

“We are at the heart of Saxion, but keep track of what’s happening in the outside world at the same time. We keep a close eye on trends and developments regarding information provision. We try to translate that into promising projects for Saxion, in which we try to find the balance between the opportunities and risks of new applications, for example, with AI.”

What is working for Saxion like?

“It’s a lively environment. I have been working here for four years now. I spent 16 years at Noaberkracht Dinkelland Tubbergen before this. For Saxion, I work in Enschede, Deventer, and sometimes even from home. I really like the dynamics within the university; we support the students and staff directly and indirectly with the issues we receive as a team. That is valuable to me: that we contribute to the development of the students and the region.”

Does Twente as a region have a lot to offer those students?

“I think so. Twente has a good infrastructure with nice cities and good facilities. The surroundings are beautiful, and there is plenty to do in the leisure industry. Twente also has great companies that are eager for students who are rooted here and speak the language of the region. Young people who understand the culture and how working together can add value.”

You did not study in Twente yourself.

“I was born and raised in Hengelo. I lived there until I was eighteen; I then moved south for my studies. I studied communication in Eindhoven. I wanted to keep studying after four years, so I enrolled at Tilburg University to study Communication and Information Sciences. That didn’t start until a year later, so I had a gap year.”

What did you do during that year?

“I became a snowboard instructor. I worked in Austria, the Czech Republic, and France as a result. A bit of everywhere and nowhere; a very nice experience.”

You ended up back in Twente despite those wanderings.

“Twente has always appealed to me. I lived in Amsterdam for internships during my studies, and it seemed like a nice city to live in. But I met my wife when I studied in Tilburg, and she worked in Twente. At some point, I was here more often than in Tilburg, so I moved back to Hengelo.”

Only to never leave again.

“No, I like living in Twente. The way we treat each other, the geniality. Everything here is well-organised, living is relatively affordable, and there are no waiting lists at schools and sports clubs. I live on the edge of Hengelo, so it takes me less than a minute to be walking in meadows and see pheasants and deer. I can also reach the city centre within 15 minutes. It’s all very coherent; I think that’s the charm of Twente.”

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Date: 2 October 2023 |

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