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Anyone who has ever been to Barcelona can hardly imagine people wanting to swap this sunny, bustling metropolis for - nothing against this also nice city but still - Enschede. Eric Santiago did and says with full conviction that he made a very good move in doing so. He did his master's degree in Data Science at the University of Twente and works as a Machine Learning Engineer at InnoValor. "This is where I can make a difference. I have always been intrigued by Artificial Intelligence and I love the science subjects. At Innovalor, I can combine all this I believe we can improve the world through Machine Learning. It's great to be able to contribute to this through my job." InnoValor's work includes improving digital identification. "It is important that this is done securely, but also that we keep improving the methods," Eric says. "Among other things, I am involved in researching new functionalities."

In short:

  • Eric Santiago swapped Barcelona for Enschede. He has nothing but praise for the Netherlands and the study and career opportunities in Twente, except for that eternal bread and cheese for lunch.
  • As a Machine Learning Engineer at InnoValor, Eric deals with Artificial Intelligence. In this way, he wants to contribute to society.

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Cheese or pasta

He chose to do his masters and live in Enschede. "In Spain, the Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands are highly regarded. In terms of studies, but also because these countries are well organised and the quality of life is high. The study programme at the University of Twente appealed to me the most." The Netherlands has not disappointed him in the years he has lived there; Eric cannot think of anything he does not appreciate here. "Okay, one point. I find it very strange that everyone here is satisfied with sandwiches with cheese at lunchtime every day. I don't understand anything about that. I am the only one here in the office who takes a pasta or rice dish from home every day. But apart from that, the Netherlands is great. That you can find ingredients from all over the world in all supermarkets, for example. I like to cook and love trying out all kinds of things." The ability to get on your bike is also one of the advantages of our country, according to the Spaniard. "And in Enschede you can find and do everything you want. It's a lot less crowded than Barcelona where everything is rushed and I was constantly running and flying."

Nice people

His family and friends had expected him to return to Catalonia after his studies, but Eric is far from finished and exhausted in Twente and in the rest of the country. He has made friends at university and at InnoValor with whom he gets on the train every weekend to visit a different city. "We have a weekend pass on the train. For thirty euros you can go anywhere. We have been to Deventer and Zwolle, but also to Delft, Nijmegen, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, for example. We often catch a museum as well. Very nice to see and I think the Dutch are nice people. They are friendly and helpful. And: they all speak English, which is very handy if you don't speak the language. I am learning Dutch, but it's not easy."

Besides train trips, Eric also often chooses to hike, play volleyball and kayak. "And board games I also think are cool to do. I still live in a student house because I like the fact that I then have people around me when I get home. With my housemates, I often play games like Catan. That's partly why I got a place in that house. And because I indicated that I would bring fuet (Catalan dried sausage) every time I came to Catalonia. They, like me, love that."

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