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Science subjects were a favourite at secondary school. Her interest in engineering grew by the year, which made it more or less logical for Dominique Clevers to study Biomedical Engineering. It was not necessarily logical to do so in Enschede since she comes from the Betuwe region, from Zetten to be precise. But, as with so many non-Tukkers who see the campus of the University of Twente for the first time, it immediately appealed to her because of its location in green surroundings and its conviviality. So she chose Enschede instead of Eindhoven, where she could also have followed this study.

In short

  • As Project Manager Medical Systems at Demcon, Dominique Clevers works on great projects that help the medical world, and thus society, move forward.
  • She grew up in the Betuwe region, but now swears by the friendly people from the province of Twente, whom she meets at work and in her private life. Twente's nature is also an important addition for her.

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Not a second

Leaving Twente after her studies? She didn't think about that for a second. "I really wanted to graduate in the region. I did that at Demcon. When I was offered a job, I seized the opportunity because I think it's a top company. I love the combination of technology and the medical world and the fact that at Demcon we contribute to the world. In addition, Demcon has a flat organisational structure and there is a lot of room for participation. If you do something that is not part of your actual duties, it is seen and appreciated. This is how I started as an engineer. I noticed that I automatically took over tasks from the project manager if he was too busy and those tasks suited me. And now I am a medical systems project manager myself."

Feels good

In this position, Dominique has a lot of responsibility. "I deal with customers, the (technical) planning of a project, with the Demcon organisation and finances. I love the fact that my field of work is so broad. I also enjoy contributing to the medical world. For example, we developed a needle placement robot that allows more precise work when ablating (cutting away, ed.) tumours. The fact that people can be helped better when they need surgery because of an innovation I have been involved in feels good."

There are many other projects Dominique leads at Demcon, which she cannot talk about for confidentiality reasons. "Logical because techniques are becoming more and more advanced and our customers often want to prevent another party from running off with their invention." So commercial thinking, but at Demcon, Dominique says the ethical side is also a factor sometimes. "It is important to think about that. 'The engineerable human being', that's a beautiful thing, but you always have to think about how far you want to go in that. I also find this an interesting part of my work that we talk about among ourselves with colleagues."

Everyone greets each other

Those colleagues, like Dominique's fellow students at the time, come from all over the Netherlands and beyond. "I am by no means the only non-Tukker here, but everyone feels at home here in Twente. Demcon has branches all over the country so the same work can be done in many places, but the people here are very friendly. If you walk down the street in the Betuwe and say hello, you won't get an answer. Here, everyone greets each other. Besides, you have everything you need here. I now live with my boyfriend Jasper in Borne, a nice village. Shops, public transport, schools, everything is close by. And nature, of course. I like to go mountain biking or walking in Delden or near Haaksbergen. It's all within easy reach.

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Date: 11 November 2022 |

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Author: Maaike Thüss

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