Tim returns to Twente for career opportunities

Tim Posthuma feels most at home in Twente but still went to the Randstad for a job. He did miss his friends, family and the nature in Twente, though. He finally went for it; he bought a house in Borne, found a job in Hengelo, and discovered that he did not have to leave Twente to build his career. On the contrary, Twente has even better opportunities than the Randstad. Want to know why? Read his story below.

In short

  • Tim moved to the Randstad for his career but discovered that there are even better opportunities in Twente.
  • Twente has a place for hobbies, family, friends and socialising.

Global Goal

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Roots in Weerselo

Tim Posthuma is currently living in Borne but was born and raised in Weerselo. “Weerselo is a small church village in Twente. I spent my entire childhood there, and it was delightful.” Tim liked the typical village life. His friends, whom he has known since primary school, all live in Twente. Most of his family does, too. “It is essential to me that my friends and family are close by.” He went to high school in Oldenzaal and received further education at the University of Twente. He studied Technical Business Administration there.

 “If you truly want to grow and if you are ambitious, Twente can be even more suitable. You can find more opportunities to distinguish yourself.” 

Outside of Twente

Tim wanted to do his graduation internship at a company outside of Twente. He ended up at pension provider MN in The Hague. “The large scale appealed to me. I wanted to take a look at a large, internationally oriented company.” Tim’s initial thought was this: “If you are ambitious, you need to go to the Randstad”. “I do not believe this anymore, though”, says Tim. “If you truly want to grow and if you are ambitious, Twente can be even more suitable. You can find more opportunities to distinguish yourself. I have a lot more impact on the daily business because the company in Twente where I now work is much smaller. My contribution to the bigger picture was much smaller in The Hague.”

Work ethic

Tim found a piece of home in The Hague, and perhaps that is why he stayed there for so long. “My team at MN consisted of eight people, four of whom were from Twente. That was very noticeable. The people that I got along with in The Hague all had these “typical Twente” qualities: a great work ethic and, above all, sobriety.” These typical Twente qualities have a major contribution to Twente’s success, according to Tim, and they could be of great significance for the world. People from Twente do not allow themselves to be carried away by trivial issues, a trait that is, unfortunately, too rare, according to Tim. On the other hand, people from Twente may be victims of their sobriety: “We are not very eager to show off how awesome we are, so not enough people know about it.”

A new challenge

Tim worked for MN in The Hague for a total of six years. After that, Tim was ready for a new challenge, one closer to “home”. Eventually, Tim found a suitable job at the Incorpe company in Hengelo. “Incorpe is a very young company, and my job description is “Business Analyst”. We are a corporate finance office, and mainly concern ourselves with buying or selling companies and supporting entrepreneurs with the organisation of their capital structure.

 “There are many attractive businesses here. We are very busy.”

The funny thing is that I use the same techniques and way of thinking for the work, here, and I see great opportunities that I also saw in the Randstad. There are many attractive businesses here. We are very busy.” Incorpe is very aware of the enormous growth and need for capital in the region. A sign that Twente is doing great, economically.

Nature and leisure

One of Tim’s passions is playing golf, and he can often be found in the pub with a beer on Fridays or Saturdays. He associates friends, family and socialising with Twente. “It just feels like home here.” Tim also likes to run. Twente offers him the perfect environment for this hobby. “When you go for a run in The Hague, you will see nothing else than the city. In Borne, where I live now, it only takes me five minutes to reach the meadows. I think that is absolutely fantastic.” Tim often went for a run in Twente in the weekends before he moved to Borne. “I would come back to The Hague on Monday and tell them that I had seen deer. They could hardly imagine that.”

 “It just feels like home here.”

Date: 11 February 2020 |