Nadir was able to rise through the ranks within six months

Nadir Rahali (25) studied Technical Business Administration in Den Bosch but came to Twente for a master’s in Business Administration at the University of Twente. He still has to write his thesis, but he did get a great job as a Content Coordinator at Avinty.

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  • Nadir Rahali came to Twente for a master’s in Business Administration at the University of Twente.
  • He applied for a part-time job at Avinty and had the opportunity to become a Content Creator after a short time.

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Welcomed with open arms

Nadir joined Avinty last summer as a Developer. Nadir: “Studying costs a lot of money, and I also have other outgoings that need to be paid. I applied for a job at Avinty through, and I got a really nice job there. Colleagues often work from home because of corona, but I was welcomed with open arms. Everyone is very collegial, and they want to help each other out when possible. I really felt like I was coming in as a new colleague and not as a student for a part-time job at Avinty.”


“I built digital forms and questionnaires that were used in healthcare as a developer, among other things. Thinking creatively and coming up with solutions is very important here.”

Growth within no time

Although Nadir had not been working at Avinty for very long, he did get the opportunity to grow within the organisation. Nadir: “My supervisor left Avinty, so I immediately said that I was interested in the position. I already felt completely at home in the organisation. So I applied, and I eventually got this great opportunity. I am a Content Coordinator now, which makes me responsible for a team of three.”


“I have many responsibilities as a Content Coordinator, and I have even more contact with various colleagues. The modules that we work on are essential for the healthcare sector, so we are developing something that really contributes to our society. That wasn’t very important to me before, but I now really appreciate having a job where I can make a real contribution.”


Nadir came to Twente a few months before the first corona lockdown. “I was able to get to know Twente in those first months. I bonded with my fellow students and really got to know Enschede’s city centre. Enschede does feel like a big city, but everything is close by. I like that. I also really like the campus of the University of Twente. They organise many activities, I could play sports there, and there are many international students. It has a very social atmosphere!”


“I like living and working in Twente. The people in Twente are social but also very direct. I had to get used to that, but I now appreciate it very much. I also enjoyed finding a job here. I did my internships in Eindhoven, but Twente gives you the freedom to find out what you like to do and how you best fit into an organisation.”

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