Stefan helps healthcare providers get more time for patients

Application development simplifies administration in healthcare

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  • Stefan Teijgeler develops Healthcare applications at Nedap, but he also coaches colleagues on a technical and personal level.
  • He grew up in ‘t Gooi but fell in love with the UT's spacious campus and chose to study IT in Enschede. That was 11 years ago. Going back? There is no reason if you ask him.


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Stefan Teijgeler has the resounding title of Captain and Software Developer of the ‘dossier-tribe’. He supervises his technical team at Nedap every day. He hires people and makes sure they enjoy their work at the fast-growing company as much as he has done over the last eleven years. "Our department develops Healthcare applications to support the healthcare sector", he says in an interview in one of the many attractively decorated areas at Nedap’s office in Groenlo. “We try to minimise the dossier time of healthcare employees, whether they are doctors, nurses or work in home care, so that they have more time for their patients. We believe in one shared dossier for all types of healthcare providers so that everyone can work together optimally and nothing needs to be entered twice. Each type of user will have their own insights into the patient's dossier, with the information relevant to them at the time."

Entrepreneurship and confidence

Nedap felt like a start-up to Stefan when he started working there. “We all knew each other since there were only 20 employees (compared to today's 250), the lines of communication were short, and it was easy to reach the right person and pitch an idea if you had one. In addition to my work as a developer, I also try to instil entrepreneurship and confidence in our employees."

He drives from Enschede to Groenlo several times a week to do this, as working from home is also allowed. He is originally from Huizen, in ‘t Gooi. He moved to the campus of the University of Twente to study IT. "I could study at several places, but I instantly fell in love with this campus: it is very spacious, surrounded by greenery, and has a modern look."


Rammstein concert

Stefan has never regretted moving; he still loves Twente. "Enschede has such a nice city centre. I love going to the Oude Marktplein, I live within walking distance of it. But the great thing is that it also only takes me a short time to go outside the city and enjoy the green environment. I have no reason to return to Huizen; I built my social life here. I play badminton and have become friends with some of my colleagues. We play board games like Puerto Rico or Magic the Gathering sometimes on Friday afternoons, but we also go to concerts together. We went to a Rammstein concert the other day.”

Walking and cycling are also favourites of Stefan and his girlfriend Wiktoria, especially since there is nature all around them; you do not have to cycle past boring high-rise buildings. Twente is also not that crowded. "People aren't in such a big rush, and they are approachable and easy-going, which suits me."


Own ideas

His work at Nedap also still suits him. "Nedap is an employer that is open to the ideas and initiatives of their employees. We also have the opportunity to attract people from abroad, now that we are working from home more. We use Zoom to work with our colleagues in Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Greece. You can also go to the Eastern Netherlands to make a career; there are countless interesting companies. Even switching between employers does not have to be a problem, should you feel the need.”

Twente lives
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Date: 1 August 2022 |

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Author: Maaike Thüss

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