Daniëlle Boer wants to always keep busy

Daniëlle Boer wandered around quite a lot before returning to live and work in ‘her’ familiar Almelo. She is a care mediator at TriviumMeulenbeltZorg, where she helps people who need to be admitted for a short time for rehabilitation or recovery after surgery, for example. Her employer recently gave her the opportunity to add a bit more to her job; she started working as a confidential counsellor in August. "I enjoy being able to support my colleagues. I always enjoy going to work myself, and I wish that for everyone. I want to dedicate myself to that.”

In short

  • Working in Zaandam, living in Amersfoort, going to Australia indefinitely: Daniëlle Boer did it all. But she doesn’t see herself leaving Twente any time soon.
  • She is a care mediator at TriviumMeulenbeltZorg, where she helps people find a place for short-term care assistance. She was appointed as a confidential counsellor, too, recently. She loves working on both the business side and the personal side.

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Great time

Daniëlle saw much of the world before settling down at TMZ. She chose to study journalism in Zwolle after high school but figured out that this study did not suit her when she was sent out into the streets in the first weeks with the task of putting together an item. “I had no idea what to do”, she laughs. She then decided to stop and started working in the butchery of supermarket C1000 in Almelo – she always wanted to keep busy – and took her time to discover what she was passionate about. That turned out to be social work. The study turned out to be perfect for her. She did an internship at Jarabee and temporarily worked with the homeless team. “I had a great time”, she remembers. “It was only a one-year contract, though, and it ended." But, as mentioned, Daniëlle wanted to keep busy, so she started working as an intermediary in Zaandam. She lived in Amersfoort with two housemates at the time. That was amazing, but the long days and hard mentality did not suit her. She returned to Almelo when the company where she worked went bankrupt.

Strong family ties

This was a relief because her family lives there too. She is very close with them: "I am a real family person", says Daniëlle. “I have three sisters and cousins with whom I regularly meet." The strong family ties did not stop her from making a big move sometime later, though. She decided to go to Australia after working in several more temporary positions in the healthcare industry. "I told myself it was now or never." She bought a ticket with an open return date because she decided to stay as long as she enjoyed herself. And she certainly did: she met Niels there, now her husband. He worked at the travel agency where she booked her ticket to Australia in Alkmaar. That company also had a branch in Sidney, where he had to go temporarily while she was in Melbourne. They kept in touch, and she returned to Sidney. "I was still planning a lot in terms of travelling, but I stayed with him in Sidney", she says. We lived there for about a year before we moved to Almelo. This is where she started working in elderly care, a sector that suits her very well. They lived in Alkmaar for two and a half years but decided to return to Twente when a desire for children arose.

Strolling through Ootmarsum

It took some time, but the children came: their son Jack is now three, and Luuk is one. Nils started working at Makro and Daniëlle at TMZ, where she is very happy. She does not see herself leaving Twente any time soon. “Just leave me where I am; the warm and friendly atmosphere, the beautiful green surroundings and the no-nonsense mentality: that is exactly how I am as well.” Twente has everything you need, according to her. You can go shopping in Enschede, hang out on a terrace, stroll through Ootmarsum, soak up the atmosphere in Tubbergen or walk through one of Twente’s many forests. Daniëlle feels completely at home.

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