Niek studied psychology and now works in the software industry

When someone asks Niek what he studied, he proudly answers: “Psychology!” And yet, he now works in the software industry. He studied at the University of Twente, with a master’s degree in Human Factors and Engineering Psychology, a technology-related study. Niek has now worked as a Software Tester at Sigmax for three years, where he focuses on user experience and ensures the quality of the software.

In short

  • Niek studied Psychology at the University of Twente and specialised in Human Factors and Engineering Psychology.
  • He now works as a Software Tester at Sigmax, where he focuses on user experience and ensures the quality of the software.

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From psychology to software testing

Niek consciously chose to study Psychology, but he also had an interest in technology. This interest gradually grew more towards software. He wanted to work in an industry where he could impact the work of others through technology. Niek: “Technology is rapidly growing, and this will only increase in the coming years. However, technology only works if people know how to use it effectively. My study taught me that you cannot just change human behaviour, but technology can be adapted to people instead. This is reflected in my position as a Software Tester, where I adapt our applications to the behaviour of customers. I especially enjoy the fact that I can simplify the jobs of hundreds of other people with just one adjustment!”

Studying and hobbies

Niek has fond memories of his time as a student. He liked the campus of the University of Twente, and his study perfectly matched his interests. Niek also helped write two scientific papers during his time as a student. “These are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, but it was pretty tough. I took some more time for myself after I graduated, and I was well-rested before I started looking for a job. I also like playing board games in my spare time. Enschede has a wonderful shop for all of these games, American comics and Japanese manga. Highly recommended!”

Opportunities in Twente

Niek was in the middle of the application process at Sigmax when he was offered a job outside of Twente. This was not an option for him. “I didn’t like the idea of spending a long time in my car every single day. I love living in Twente and being able to cycle to work. Twente is the place to be when you are looking for a technical job. The University of Twentehas great collaborations, start-ups are emerging everywhere, and Kennispark is a great location for working.”

Working at a professional software organisation

“We at Sigmax create cool applications and software for large companies and governments such as Carglass and hundreds of international municipalities, including Amsterdam. Our software allows professionals to work faster and more efficiently. My job was initially focused on software testing, but I saw an opportunity to combine psychology with technology at Sigmax, and I took it. This was not really what the vacancy was for, but Sigmax saw the advantages and adapted the job to my specialities and interests. We made some great strides in recent years, and many colleagues and customers are positive about the contribution of my work.”

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