Anniek (14) is sailing across the ocean

Anniek is only 14 years old, but already knows what she wants. Anniek currently realises her dream: sailing the Atlantic for six months. If she can raise enough funds, she and 36 other teenagers will go to the Caribbean on a sailing ship in October 2020. School will continue “as usual”; the students will receive lessons on the ship so they will not have fallen behind when they return. Doesn’t she find it a bit scary to sail the ocean for such a long time? “Not really”, says Anniek, “I think it will be fun”. Anniek can be described as a girl with guts, perseverance and intelligence. Want to know more? Read her story below.

In short

  • Anniek Vos is participating in the “School at Sea” programme
  • 36 teenagers between 15 and 17 will travel to the Caribbean on a sailing ship in six months, and school will continue as usual during the trip
  • Anniek is currently raising funds to make this dream come true

Global Goal

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Mundane in Twente

Anniek Vos was born in Oldenzaal in Twente. She then lived in Hengelo for ten years and has since returned to Oldenzaal. Her entire family lives in Twente, and although she would love to see more of the world, she does like it here. Anniek can often be found in Friesland to practice her biggest hobby, sailing. “It is noticeably different there”, says Anniek, she is then very aware of her roots. Anniek is currently in the third grade of the gymnasium and has ambitions to do something with medicine later.

School at Sea

Anniek wants to travel the world for six months, together with 36 other Dutch teenagers between 15 and 17. Not just plain travelling, Anniek is going to sail across the Atlantic. During this trip, school will continue as normal, so that the students will fall behind. 

 “We all do this with the idea of developing ourselves, to learn our strengths and weaknesses and become more independent, but also to see a whole new part of the world.”

An exciting but educational journey to remember. Anniek and her fellow travellers still have to raise enough money to achieve this. The teenagers do this themselves. Anniek attended a fundraising training course organised by School at Sea. You can entrust this to Anniek; if she wants something, she will do anything to make it a success. More information about the project and Anniek’s fundraising can be found here.


Not giving up, that is a part of Anniek’s character.

 “My dad often says that when I set my mind on something, it’s set for good. And I think that might be true; if I want something, I will go for it.”

The journey will start in October 2020 and last until about May 2021. Anniek is not worried: “I am very excited! I am naturally still very busy with preparations, but it would be awesome if I succeed. I am looking forward to it.” Anniek got the idea to participate when she saw a poster about a similar trip that would take six weeks. “Sometime later I saw a poster from School at Sea, which is six months. I thought that would be even more fun because it is more challenging.” It seems like, the bigger the challenge, the more Anniek wants to do it. The future of Twente looks promising if we can count on the ambition and courage of young talent like Anniek.

Date: 25 February 2020 |

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