For Gijs, there is no reason to leave the region

'Living, studying and leading corporations to work for'
When people leave Twente because they assume there are no career opportunities here, they are wrong, says Gijs Boerrigter. He is the living proof: after studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente, which he completed Cum Laude, he started working as a Mechatronic Engineer at Demcon. Born in Oldenzaal, studied at the University of Twente and a job a stone's throw from the same UT; as far as he is aware, there is no reason to leave the region.


In short

  • He is 24 and started his first job, and that is already his dream job: as a Mechatronic Engineer he combines his studies with his hobby, and he can 'just' carry out his work in his beloved Twente.
  • One of his hobbies is still playing football, but he left the selection to devote himself to his studies mechanical engineering studies at the university.

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This article is part of the series 'Twente Lives!' Here you can read personal stories about working and living in Twente. According to the talents we speak, Twente is an amazing place to be. The beautiful nature, the space, the down-to-earth mentality are all things that characterise Twente. Besides, there are career opportunities! Twente has many innovative, international and future-proof companies that are crying out for staff. Want to know what Twente offers? Read the story of Gijs Boerrigter below.

Beautiful friendships

He's always been grounded. When he started his studies, he continued to live with his parents. He left the selection team of his football club Quick 20 in Oldenzaal. "I knew I would not be a professional footballer after all, and my passion was with technology. I wanted to go to college. If you get the chance to study, commit 100 per cent to it, I think."

Because he grew up in Twente and already had a rich social life, he largely let student life pass. "The friends I have often come from my primary school days. I have a lot of relatives, so socialising with other students, unlike people who come here from outside Twente to study, I didn't need it." 

He has spread his wings: he followed several modules in Linköping in Sweden, where he lived for six months. "Because we as Dutch people went through the modules easily, I had time to see a lot of the surroundings, visit cities and go out occasionally. It was fantastic, and I have had great friendships."

"When people leave Twente because they think there are no career opportunities here, they are wrong."
Gijs Boerrigter


Complex questions

Back in Twente, he did an internship at Demcon, the company that later became his employer. "I love working here. During my internship, by the way. I had already worked, of course, but for example, as a homework supervisor and as a tutor at university. Demcon was my first genuine experience at a company. Demcon devises high-end technological solutions for a wide range of customers. Being able to contribute to the many complex social issues of today, that is my passion. The bar is high at Demcon, and I love it!"


They involve Gijs in the development of high-tech systems and medical equipment, and in particular the regulatory aspects of managing complex machines as optimally as possible. What he's working on right now is confidential information, so he can't let go of that. "But I can say that it is a project that offers a revolutionary solution for the medical world. I am pleased to be a contributor to this. Demcon is the perfect place to do that."

COVID-19 patients

Gijs also refers to the ventilation systems that Demcon supplies to the hospitals to help corona patients and to the 'mouth cap machine' at the company's laboratory on the Instutenweg. If desired, it produces a medical mask 20 times a minute that meets all the requirements. "It is a great honour to work at Demcon", says the Mechatronic Engineer.


"Besides the socially relevant applications, it is also a company that is good for its employees. Not only is it a sporting company–for example, we take part in running events in teams, but now in this COVID-time, we regularly get nice, tasty surprises at home. There are online meetings so that the vibe stays positive. And we are often told that they are happy with us. I squeeze my hands shut here, both with my work and with my house in the Enschedese Roombeek where it is nice to live."


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Date: 1 December 2020 |

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Author: Maaike Thüss