Education, government, sports, and business develop High Tech Academy

On October 30, 2019, the municipality of Almelo, Heracles Almelo, ROC van Twente and four Almelo high-tech companies signed a declaration of intent. Together, they are investigating the possibilities of setting up a High Tech Academy: a challenging apprenticeship trajectory for students with interest in technology. The goal: recruiting ánd retaining future-proof technical talent in Twente.

In short

  • There is a high demand for technically trained staff
  • The retention of talent is important for Twente as a region
  • The municipality of Almelo, Heracles Almelo, ROC van Twente, VDL ETG Almelo, URENCO, Enrichment Technology Nederland and Benchmark Electronics sign a declaration of intent for research into High Tech Academy

Global Goal

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The high-tech industry is growing rapidly in Almelo, just like the number of vacancies for high-quality technical staff. Experienced employees are leaving, while the number of youths who choose a technical study is insufficient. To prevent companies from attracting too little staff, the municipality of Almelo, ROC van Twente, Heracles Almelo, VDL ETG Almelo, URENCO, Enrichment Technology Nederland and Benchmark Electronic are joining forces.

High Tech Academy

The High Tech Academy inspires students for technology with more than just an education. In addition to the teaching at ROC van Twente, the student gains experience with a regional player, and Heracles Almelo offers a sports programme to remain physically fit. The extra attention for soft skills, such as communication and analytical skills is unique. These are important skills to function in a field that is constantly changing.

Innovative Almelo

The municipality of Almelo increases awareness of high-tech in various ways. For example, they support “Discover High-tech Almelo”, a united force of twelve high-tech companies in Almelo. The initiative brings scholars and students from all ages and levels into contact with technology. The idea for the High Tech Academy has its origins in the innovation box of Heracles Almelo. Here, companies, governments and educational institutions seek connection around innovation issues.

Regional cooperation

The High Tech Academy is an initiative of various institutions and companies, mainly based in Almelo. This is just a selection of the technical leaders Twente has. The impact of the Academy may be even greater regionally, which is why the initiators cordially invite other Twente companies to join the High Tech Academy.

Date: 28 October 2019 |

Source of tekst: ROC van Twente |

Author: ROC van Twente