Emiliano came to Twente for love and now never wants to leave

Due to the corona crisis, half of the Netherlands is suddenly familiar with the work of Emiliano Fisquetti (32) from Oldenzaal. Remote learning at primary schools, which has been almost continuously provided since March last year, is primarily realised through the MOO platform: Mijn Omgeving Online (My Online Environment) from Heutink ICT in Hengelo. Emiliano takes care of its development, new functionalities and adjustments. 

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  • Emiliano Fisquetti from Argentina settled in Oldenzaal in 2013. His wife is from Twente, but she studied in Buenos Aires. He met her there while he was working as a software engineer. They lived in his homeland for three years but eventually moved to the Netherlands for work. 
  • Heutink ICT is a global supplier of digital educational tools. Emiliano works there as a software developer. He (co)develops the digital MOO platform, which has taken off during the corona crisis because of remote education.

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Digital education

“Many schools, especially primary schools, were already using MOO before the corona crisis, but the number of users has almost tripled since March. Everyone has been introduced to digital teaching, albeit out of necessity. Teachers and pupils now know the possibilities, and they are enormous. It will soon be impossible to imagine education without it.”


From applications for video calls with the teacher or chatting with friends during breaks and from quizzes to handing in assignments, Heutink ICT’s IT department makes it all possible. Emiliano has been working for the company for six years now. “I had already got a job at Wolters-Kluwer within a week of moving to the Netherlands”, he says. “I joined Heutink ICT in 2015 and still enjoy it very much, now as a developer and team manager. We do a lot of fine-tuning and make sure that MOO is easy to use in secondary education by tailoring it to the needs of individual schools. Of course, we are always working on the security of our software as well. We regularly ask third parties to carry out ‘penetration attempts’. We fix problems and follow up on the recommendations they give us.”

Walking and mountain biking

Even though he loves his work, it was not his reason for moving to Twente.  “My wife studied music in Buenos Aires. We decided to start living together in Argentina shortly after we met. After three years, we moved to the Netherlands because making a living from music was not possible for her. She now works as an optician, and music is naturally still a major hobby of hers.”

Emiliano travels to Argentina about once every two years. He no longer wants to live there; he feels completely at home in Twente. “It is tranquil here, which is a big difference from Buenos Aires. I enjoy the peace and quiet, and nature here is beautiful. We often go for walks on the Tankenberg, through Denekamp and De Lutte, or I’ll grab my mountain bike and go to Het Hulsbeek.”


Emilio does not only enjoy the peace and quiet, but he also enjoys the atmosphere in Twente. “Carnival is also celebrated in Argentina, but Oldenzaal really knows how to party. I play in a drum band here, just like I did in my native country, and we often play during carnival. It’s a shame that we cannot do that now, but I’m sure we will again.”

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Date: 5 May 2021 |

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Author: Maaike Thüss