Erik finds space for both career and hobby in Twente

Born in Friesland, raised in Limburg, but at home in Twente. Erik Orbons (36), developer at Speakup in Enschede, chose to study at the University of Twente when he was 17. And, he stayed. Because as far as Erik is concerned, this is where you should be to make a career in technology: “Twente is a technology-minded region. The business climate is great here, and there are infinite possibilities here for talent.”

In short

  • As a developer at Speakup, Erik Orbons ensures that customers benefit from innovations in communication.
  • Twente is a region where technology is successful. Those who want a good career and a balance between tranquillity and activity are in the right place here.

Global Goal

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Horse lover

When Erik Orbons started studying, he was not only looking for a study that suited him but also a place where he would feel at home. “You can study computer science at every technical university in the country. They are equally good everywhere in terms of quality.”

 “The atmosphere at the UT, the people and the campus made the difference for me at the time. I didn’t hesitate for a second.”

“I found a room in the centre of Enschede, and my student days were great.” However, Erik had another important reason that made him choose Twente. “My hobby is equestrian sport. I ride a horse and participate in competitions, for example in dressage and show jumping. The university had a student horse riding club with a beautiful riding school.” There was no space or money for a horse during his studies, but he currently has his own four-legged friend in the stable: Riccina. Erik really got to know Twente through equestrian sports, which he has become so fond of in all those years. Twente’s landscape has really captivated him. “There is attention for equestrian sport in many villages and places, with the highlight, of course, being the Military, where I can be found every year.”

Convenient for the citizen

As a student, Erik already worked as a software developer at a company in Enschede one day a week. After completing his bachelor’s in computer science and his master’s in Human Media Interaction, he joined the company. “I did that for around a year. I found a job in Rijssen as a Software engineer. In short, I make spatial development plans available and easier to read for stakeholders through developing software applications.”

Contact through technology

After about five years, Erik left for his current employer: Speakup, a medium-sized company with around 25 employees. “We ensure people can come into contact with each other, through technology. That might sound broad, and it is: it ranges from applications for call centres to the development of software that allows a user to have multiple phone numbers on one device. At Speakup, I am a software engineer and architect, which means I can keep an eye on the bigger picture and can build applications that make the entire system work optimally.” “Lifelong learning” is a term that is certainly applicable to Erik. He has recently started a training for team coach. “At Speakup, we are in the middle of a transition towards a self-managing company. I think that is a nice way of working; we have a lot of freedom and can develop ourselves. I, and my colleagues, make grateful use of that by the way.”

Innovative region

Erik really feels at home. He will not be thinking about leaving for another employer for a long time. Or about leaving Twente, either. There is no better place to live and work for him. He now lives on the outskirts of the city with his wife, who is also a horse lover.

 “You’re in the countryside within a few minutes, and in the city centre within ten.”

In other words, everything he is looking for can be found here: a great balance between the rural character of the region and the big city, but certainly also career opportunities. “It’s a shame that many students are leaving. I wish it was better known how many options there are, here. Twente is a very innovative region with companies that are leaders in the technological field.”

 “You really do not need to go to the Randstad. The business climate is perfect here.”

“I recommend visiting companies during company days or participating in one of the many events in this area. You can do a lot more in Twente than you think.”

Date: 20 January 2020 |

Source of tekst: Speakup |