Involved in everything: from planning to selling homes

Gijs Klunder did two studies at Saxion in Enschede: architecture and commercial engineering. A golden touch as it turned out, because as a property developer at Ter Steege Bouw, he combines both on a daily basis.

In short:

  • At Ter Steege, Gijs Klunder combines both his studies (Architecture and Commercial Technical Business Administration) as a property developer
  • The Enschede native has lived in Twente all his life and comes from a real 'construction family'.

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"I act as a spider in the web," he says. "I bring all parties together to ensure that a project meets all needs technically, financially and in terms of planning." In doing so, Gijs does not care whether it is a small-scale new-build project in the expansion districts or a more complex project in inner-city areas. "I started at Ter Steege with a traineeship of two years. With us, you then work in different departments and at the company's operating companies to gain experience, but also to find out which field of work suits you best. So that turned out to be real estate development for me because there you are involved in the whole process: from planning to sales."

Great Projects

Gijs joined Ter Steege in Hardenberg, but is originally from Enschede, where he still lives. Construction runs in his blood. He says he comes from a real construction family with a father working at Raab Karcher and an uncle with his own construction consultancy. "As a young boy, I used to go with my father to his work sometimes. I loved that." As soon as he was old enough to start working, he chose a part-time job at his uncle's company, then part of Haafkes in Goor. "Going along to the construction site and doing everything I could there. I remember we once converted a farmhouse into a care farm that fell under cultural heritage. Beautiful projects."

During his Saxion studies, after Bouwkunde which was a bit too technical for him so Commercial Technical Business Administration after that, he continued to live at home with his parents. No reason for him to leave home and certainly not to leave Twente. Still not by the way; family, friends, his FC Twente annual pass, his friends' team at Vogido...why should he?

Weekend in Amsterdam

"I really don't miss anything at all here in Twente," he says. "I quite enjoy a weekend in Amsterdam, mind you, but I'm always happy when I get back." 

Gijs now lives with his girlfriend Anouk on the edge of the centre of Enschede. In a house built in 1904 that needed some work. But yes, with such a building family, that was no problem. They tackled everything: from the panelling to the floor and from the kitchen to the bathroom. "It was corona time, so nobody had anything to do, they could all help nicely," he says soberly but also a little proudly. Gijs trains twice a week and plays football on Saturdays. Sundays are for FC Twente and he also likes to hike. "At the Holterberg, for instance. Taking my girlfriend along, taking my parents' dog and just going," he says. "And when we get back we get a nice ice cream at Van der Poel's, of course."

He will continue to commute back and forth between Enschede and Hardenberg for a while; he thinks his job is great, and has a good click with his colleagues. "I'm in a great place here. Construction is big here in Twente, there's plenty to do for now!

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Date: 7 November 2022 |

Source of tekst: Ter Steege Groep |

Author: Maaike Thüss

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