Cardiologist Edimir loves working and living in Twente

Edimir grew up in a pleasant neighbourhood in Rotterdam; the people there are there for each other and take care of one another.  He did not only learn to take good care of each other on the streets; he learnt it at home as well. Although he was fairly impulsive about choosing to study medicine, it turned out afterwards that he followed his heart. He has now moved to Twente to specialise in Cardiology at the MST.
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In short

  • Edimir grew up in a pleasant neighbourhood in Rotterdam and then decided to study medicine.
  • He wanted to get to know himself better and to grow as a person, so he decided to leave his familiar environment and spend his time as an AIOS (medical specialist in training) in Twente. 
  • He now feels entirely at home in the beautiful and friendly Twente.

Global Goal

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Helping people and taking care of each other is second nature to Edimir. Add his interest in the human body to that, and the choice to study Medicine at Erasmus University in Rotterdam was made very quickly. He graduated in 2015 and then went to work at Maasstad Hospital for a year to gain experience. He wanted to specialise, however, so he decided to look further.  
 “I am fairly impulsive, which can be both a good and a bad trait. It worked out well for my studies though, fortunately.”



Edimir says that he can be very impulsive. His impulsiveness was not only the cause of him studying medicine, it is also why he ended up in Twente.  Edimir wanted to get to know himself better and especially wanted to grow as a person. He had a feeling that it would work out better if he would not be dependent on one place and stepped out of his familiar surroundings. Moving to The Hague or Amsterdam would still be too close to home, so he decided to move to Twente.


Why Twente?

After Edimir talked with one of his supervisors, he applied for a position at the MST almost immediately. His supervisor had told him about his own time as an AIOS, the group of people he had met – all with the same dreams and goals – and how much he grew as a person. Edimir was incredibly enthusiastic and could not wait to experience this for himself.  He was invited to an interview, fortunately, and Edimir realised while driving here that Twente is a beautiful place. But he was overwhelmed by the beautiful hospital when he arrived at MST: “I knew it right away: I want to work here!”. It felt good right away, and he knew then that he had to go for it.

“I did not have a typical idea of what Twente is like, but I find it especially striking that everyone here greets you, always in a friendly way.” 

“Ik ben redelijk impulsief, dat kan zowel een goede als een slechte eigenschap zijn. Wat mijn studie betreft heeft dat gelukkig goed uitgepakt.”


Edimir is an AIOS (medical specialist in training) at the MST, specialising in cardiology. I have always been attracted to acute medicine, but I did not have enough experience for the emergency department. I decided to choose cardiology instead, because it includes all the things that are important for me as a doctor. I like to keep matters in my own hands and am relatively autonomous. I really like cooperation and teamwork, but I also like being independent and to give things some thought myself first.” Twente is continuously developing new technology. Cardiology is a profession in which new forms of technology are used all the time. Edimir: “I would like to gain some research experience in the future, together with the University of Twente. To test newly developed technology together and to give each other feedback so that we can do our work better, more efficiently, and above all, more patient-friendly. For me, that is what makes Twente unique.”


Home in Twente

Edimir has been in Twente for three years now and has entirely found his way, here. He plays sports about five days a week on average, varying from basketball and fitness to salsa dancing. He also likes to sing in choirs, and he plays the piano. “I like to keep busy, all the things I do give me energy. I would only get restless if I did not.” He will be an AIOS for a while longer, and Edimir hopes to find a permanent place afterwards. It is not always self-evident that you stay in the same place where you were trained. But if they would offer me a job at MST tomorrow, so to speak, I would accept straight away. Twente and the MST are the right place for me.”


Date: 16 July 2020 |