Digitale Werkplaats Twente establishes collaborations

Twente has become increasingly well-known digitally. Not least through the efforts of Digitale Werkplaats; a project in which education, government and the business community work together on concrete digitisation projects. SMEs receive practical advice and support regarding digitisation, and students get to know Twente’s business community from the inside. 

In short

  • Digitale Werkplaats Twente has already established several fine collaborations between companies and students.
  • Companies from Twente receive digitisation aid, and students get to know companies.


Global Goal

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One of the companies already using the knowledge and skills of the Digitale Werkplaats is HOEDAT – House Of Entertrainment, Dance, Animation & Theatre. They want to get more name recognition and get rid of the stuffy image that theatre has, according to HOEDAT, by bringing in students. The goal is to multiply the number of followers on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram before the end of the year. 
A marketing strategy set up by the Digital Workshop should help HOEDAT reach these goals. Students recommend setting up an automatic mail server so that newsletters can be easily sent to companies. Targeting specific groups is also recommended so that the correct information reaches the right (potential) customers. The students also advised HOEDAT to use Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. 


Opportunity for students

Companies are not the only ones that benefit from the Digitale Werkplaats; it is also an opportunity for students to get acquainted with the companies in Twente. Dominique van Tolij and Walid Lahbichi received the opportunity to carry out an assignment for Flawless Workflow. Both guys have enrolled in the Digital Innovation minor at Saxion from different study programmes: Dominique studies Public Administration and Walid studies ICT. They were able to combine their knowledge and bring successfully conclude their assignment. 

They are grateful that they were able to take a look behind the scenes of Flawless Workflow. Walid sees the company's potential and is also aware of the urgent need for a more automated future. “Flawless Workflow showed me the benefits of automation. It can seem like a big investment for many companies, but they all reap the benefits in the end. Everyone is focused on working efficiently and not wasting time in 2022. Companies cannot stay behind any longer, and they will have to participate in the digital developments for their own benefit.”

“Digitale Werkplaats Twente is the place to be for SME entrepreneurs, practical advice and support. Educational institutions, authorities and the business community work together on concrete digitisation projects in the workplace. Our students and professionals provide entrepreneurs with personalised tools to take further steps in online sales & marketing, data and digitisation of the organisation. Students from different disciplines and with fresh insights work together on questions from companies to make the digital organisation future-proof”, says Menno Both of the Digitale Werkplaats. “Companies are helped on their way, after which they can keep going on their own.”

Date: 9 June 2022 |

Source of tekst: Digitale Werkplaats |

Author: Maaike Thüss