Best chance of talent retention in region through right link between students and Twente companies

TalentIT looks beyond the grade list

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  • TalentIT provides the best match between IT students and Twente companies to retain talent in the region

Global Goal

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"We look for the best match between student and company"

One student is not the other. And so are companies. The TalentIT foundation made this its mission; to ensure the best match between IT students and companies in Twente. This year, the foundation celebrated its 100th placement.

"TalentIT was founded over four years ago by the small and medium-sized companies in Twente, together with the educational institutions," explains Annemarijn Quittner "Research at the time showed that students and companies in this region had difficulty finding each other. Most IT students knew the larger companies, but that was about it," she explains. "While the demand for IT staff everywhere was only increasing."

Retaining talent

The foundation gave IT companies in Twente a platform to show what they have to offer students. And they are working together towards a bigger goal, which is to retain talent in Twente. "We are convinced that people stay with a company longer if they feel at home there. As a result, they are more motivated and learn more. Moreover, they develop more easily if the company suits them. TalentIT therefore mainly looks at the personality of students and looks for a suitable place for internship, graduation project or side job," explains Annemarijn, who herself joined the foundation through the trainee programme Fast Forward. "I did my last assignment here and haven't left since."

She continues her story: "Currently, there are four of us and we work together with the University of Twente, Saxion and ROC Twente. We have a lot of knowledge of various companies where young people can go. Because we look closely at a student's personality, we can also recommend students to companies. Because we can place many students with companies in the region, we show many young people during their study time what Twente has to offer."

More than just grades

How do you find a company that fits a student like a jacket? "Not by just looking at a student's grade list. We know the companies, the corporate culture and their offerings well and engage with students to find that place where the click is greatest on personality. The basic knowledge of IT must then be present, of course, but we are convinced that other necessary skills are developed during the work period at a company. The students are employed there for different periods."

With the rising demand for IT staff, the foundation has its hands full. "But in the meantime, we are also cautiously looking at expansion opportunities, for example outside IT courses. We also see a lot of demand from international students in Twente. They would like to work at our companies, but not every Twente company is willing or able to work with English-speaking students. We help by looking for solutions together with them. Because there always are. That is what is so great about our work. We end up creating something beautiful together by making the right link. Win-win situation for companies, students and Twente."

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Date: 10 November 2022 |

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Author: Marloes Neeskens

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