20 and talented: Jurre Kuijper

Companies do often hesitate when it comes to the employment of students. Are they capable of the responsibility and the time pressure? Jurre Kuijper proofs with his company No Nonsense Technical Solutions that he and his team, consisting out of master program students, can be the one solution for many companies.

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“When is a better time to build up one’s own business than during the studies? One does not have to completely depend on it and can try out one’s own concept first of all.” Jurre Kuijper startet his company No Nonsense Technical Solutions, which employs student teams in order to solve problems and questions of companies, in 2015. “During my internship I noticed that many internship- and graduation assignment vacancies deliver a lot of knowledge and expertise to the company but also that some companies miss out the necessary expertise for some projects – expertise that many master program students already have and would like to put into practice. I started having conversations with companies and presenting my idea, of letting UT students work together as a team on projects in which I am responsible for the structure and the quality, to them. That is how the whole thing started!”

An open atmosphere with excellent facilities

Jurre studied Civile Technik on HBO (University of Applied Science-) Level. Here, he acquired a lot of practical knowledge but wanted to deepen that knowledge later on. After a so called pre-master he started his master study program “Thermische Werktuigbouwkunde” at the UT. “The atmosphere here in Twente attracted me. The atmosphere at the university is very open and lecturers are very accessible. The campus offers a variety of facilities, surrounded by nature. I am inherently shaped by entrepreneurship as my dad has got his own company. When I was younger I always wanted to have an own company as well. Moreover, I have always been interested in technique. Back in the days I puzzled over scooters and motor cross machines and later on I also restored a car!” With this car, an old DAF, he drives to his appointments. “This is a good start for a conversation when I step out of my old-timer and tell that I restored it by myself!”

The first assignment

Jurre and his team already completed their first assignment. “We have had assignments from companies I used to work with at the time of my internship and we also did to projects for start-ups. One of it was a technical feasibility analysis of heat production through wastewater of hospitals and hotel chains. For another start-up we have designed a hydraulic drive system. After that, we started our new project: a pressure vacuum compact system (“druk vacuum compact stystem”). Here, the idea is that wastewater is being pumped out into a sort of vacuum central. This leads to less need for maintenance and lower costs.”

Student teams

“I am working mainly with master study program students due to their specialized knowledge. The majority studies at the UT but I also have got some “HBOers” (students from the university of applied sciences) on my team. Also, a certain number of master students have previously studied on the HBO level as well, just like me. The combination of practical HBO knowledge and theoretical knowledge of students from WO (university-) level is very interesting for companies. If an assignment is really complex we collaborate with the research group of the UT. This delivers added value to the companies. We offer research, advice and design, but we can also develop a prototype if wished.”


“The students who work for me are from diverse technical study programs, so that I am able to accept a variety of assignments. I am trying to find students who like to take initiative and overtake responsibility. In the long-run, they will be able to be a project manager as well. We work at the UT and from home, that is a part of our concept. The students can divide their work as they wish so that it fits best with their study program. Everyone works on an at call basis, so when one does not have tome to work than one does not have time. Therefore, I can offer that person to make some more hours another day when it fits timewise. As we are studying, this is very attractive.”

Advices for young entrepreneurs

„What I would advise other young entrepreneurs? On has to dare to take initiative and to approach people. Later, it is very important to have a good structure in the company as it can easily happen that one focuses too much on the concept rather than on the organization. The focus on the organization can save a lot of time. And one more advice: Do not shrink back from setbacks!”


Are you curious on what Jurre and his team can do for your company? Take a look at the website of No Nonsense Technical Solutions.

Date: 16 May 2016 |

Author: Twente.com

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