Geluk in ‘n tuk! Will 2023 bring you new opportunities in Twente?

Happy New Year, or geluk in ‘n tuk, as people from Twente say. Freely translated, it means putting happiness in your pocket. 2023 may be the year you find your happiness (again) in Twente. The year has just begun, so there is plenty of time to look around for all the opportunities and challenges in Twente. Be inspired by the stories of Tukkers; they are the happiest in the Netherlands. 

Life is good in Twente; that much is clear. All of the stories on show this: talents talk about their fantastic work and life in this green technological top region, and Twente companies talk about innovative contributions to the world of tomorrow.

Did you know that Twente has 58,630 companies? And this amount keeps increasing. Twente is innovative, there are plenty of job opportunities, the housing market isn't as tight, and it is the happiest region in the Netherlands. You could find your new (job) happiness here! Take a look at our Jobportal. It has over 17,000 vacancies in Twente, and, more importantly, you can use a matchmaking tool to see which organisation or vacancy suits you the best.

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Date: 2 January 2023 |

Author: Wendy Kloezeman