‘We want to use Sky is the Limit to promote Enschede as a great city for students’

Sky is the Limit was first organised a year ago. The festival, organised by a group of seven students, will take place again in a fortnight. It promises to be an even bigger experience than the first time. Organisers Koen Geurtsen and Jochem ter Bogt are excited: “We hope that students will keep talking about Sky is the Limit for weeks after the festival.”

What kind of festival is Sky is the Limit?

Jochem: “It is a dance festival organised by and for students. It will take place on Thursday, the 9th of March, at Twente Airport, from four in the afternoon until midnight. Last year was the first time this festival was organised, but we had some pretty big names on stage like La Fuente and Sjaak.”

Koen: “This year's line-up is amazing, too, with names like WeDamnz and Fokke Simons. We have not yet announced our biggest star, and it will remain secret for a while. Since the festival is organised for students, we adjust our prices accordingly. For example, a ticket costs only €17,50.”

 Why did you organise this festival?

Koen: “We wanted to do something epic last year to celebrate the end of the corona pandemic. The idea for a festival soon emerged, with Sky is the Limit as the theme. The goal was to organise something Enschede had never seen before, something that could bring all students together. The University of Twente can be found in Enschede-West, while Saxion is located in the centre. ArtEZ is slightly more to the north, and the ROC is spread throughout the city. Students do not often meet each other because of this. We hope that all levels of education meet each other at Sky is the Limit."

Jochem: “We want to promote Enschede as a city with this festival and show that this is a great place for studying, working and living. We want to show the rest of the country that Enschede is an incredible city for students.”

What kind of reactions did you get after the first edition?

Koen: "They were very positive. Over six hundred students attended; we were lucky to be the first festival after the corona pandemic. Festivals were allowed again, and people were looking forward to it. The atmosphere was great, the location was incredible, and the set-up was excellent.”

How did you get involved with the festival?

Koen: “I am a DJ and like visiting festivals. I also enjoy organising things. Organising a festival and experiencing that entire process from start to finish really appealed to me. That opportunity came along last year. We organised the first edition of Sky is the Limit with five others. I was involved with the line-up, finances and publicity; I loved it.”

Jochem: "I also love festivals and volunteered at last year's first edition of Sky is the Limit. I thought organising a festival like this would not be too much of a chore: you rent a location, arrange a couple of bands and make sure there are drinks. Still, I thought it would be fun to experience from a closer point of view and to be part of the organisation. Koen is a flatmate of mine, so getting involved was not too difficult.”

Isn't it challenging to organise a festival without any previous experience?

Koen: “I always paid much attention to how things were organised at other festivals. How they sell their tickets, and what their set-up and reception are like. You can learn a lot from that."
Jochem: “And we have a Supervisory Board, with people who know what it’s like to organise events or festivals. That was very helpful.”
Koen: “Being part of an organisation like this and being supported by our sponsors feels like a privilege. I like that if you have a good idea, there will always be parties willing to support you.”

What are your expectations for this edition?

Jochem: “We are very excited. We are paying even more attention to set-up this year. The story behind the theme has been expanded; the visitor’s ticket is a boarding pass, the baggage drop-off looks like one from an airport, and there is a Sky Plaza for food. We have much more attention to detail; the experience will be like booking a flight.”
Koen: "We hope it will be even more epic than last year. That students will keep talking about Sky is the Limit for weeks. 'Were you at Sky is the Limit?'. We hope to create hype so people will return next year."

There are still tickets available for the festival. They can be bought at skyisthelimitfestival.com. Please note that the festival is only open to students; you will be asked to show a student ID upon entering the venue.

Date: 24 February 2023 |

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Author: Willem Korenromp