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As an entrepreneur, good advice can mean the difference between profit and loss. Sometimes, it is even more than that. The right insight can be the deciding factor towards greater work happiness. This is why we share with you the most common insights for entrepreneurs.

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  • Tips for entrepreneurship in Twente

Global Goal

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Twente is home to 58,630 companies (census date 1 January 2022). That this region is an attractive location for companies, entrepreneurs and talent is a logical conclusion. Twente is a good place to be for entrepreneurs. Why? You'll find out at the bottom of this article. First, we share five tips that are good to hear even if you are already a seasoned entrepreneur.
  • Invest in yourself. Your business will not grow faster than you develop. Invest in yourself for new insights, knowledge and experiences. Talk to like-minded people and schedule time for this. 
  • Keep sharing goals. Make sure everyone in the business knows what the end goal is and how you want to achieve it. It is a misconception among entrepreneurs that everyone in the company knows. So schedule regular moments to share where the company stands, what has been achieved and where challenges lie. 
  • Don't do everything yourself. The smallest jobs often cost the most time and usually they can be outsourced to someone who is an expert in them (and who takes less time). This gives you focus again for achieving your goals. 
  • Dare to fail. Did you know that the most successful entrepreneurs are masters of failure? It didn't stop them and instead opened new doors. By making mistakes, you see where your growth is.
  • Customer time. How much time have you really spent with your clients? Often, you are busy with everything but your client. Give your customer what they need. Come up with products or services they need and put on paper what problem you are solving for the customer by doing so.
Especially for starters

Are you considering going into business? You are your own boss and set your own course, schedule your own time, can work wherever you want and decide how varied or creative your work is. These are just a few advantages that probably persuaded you to take this step. But did you know that entrepreneurs also tend to earn more? After all, there is no employer or employment agency getting a cut of your money. In addition, your creativity and personal development takes a leap when you become an entrepreneur. Of course, there are a number of things you need to take into account, but the Belastingdienst (tax authorities) list them for you.

Twente's entrepreneurial attitude
Twente is bursting with entrepreneurship, so we want to share some local tips with you.
  • Entrepreneurship can be done from home, but there are also plenty of campuses where you can develop yourself and your business. Be sure to take a look.
  • Twente entrepreneurs regularly seek each other out. So are you looking for like-minded people, new cooperation partners or just (entrepreneurial) customers? Then one of the networking organisations in Twente may be what you are looking for. You can find an overview here.
  • A different kind of professional sparring partner can be found at organisations Samen in Twente or Talentgroep Twente
  • Do you, as an entrepreneur, want more with your profiling in Twente? We would be happy to work with you. Please contact us.

Date: 14 November 2022 |

Author: Wendy Kloezeman

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