Companies from Twente secure spots in the top 100 manufacturing industry

Agar, Hydratec Industries, Aeronamic, Nedap, Voortman Steel Group, and Trioliet. These companies from Twente have achieved a spot in the manufacturing industry top 100 this year. This list is compiled by the Management Team business magazine annually. The performance in terms of sales growth and profitability of the 300 largest manufacturing SME’s are compared, and the best are placed in the top 100. What do we know about Aeronamic and Voortman Steel Group? How do they contribute to a sustainable world? Continue reading below.

In short

  • Manufacturing industry from Twente represented in the top 100
  • Contribution of Aeronamic and Voortman Steel Group to a more sustainable world

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Twente company Aeronamic has climbed significantly in the top 100 this year. They are very happy with this victory and are confident this growth will continue. “I expect us to end up even higher on the list in the coming years”, says Reinoud Siezen, V.P. Business Development & Programs at Aeronamic. Aeronamic is a high-tech company from Almelo that originated from Urenco. Aeronamic has been active in aircraft construction for 30 years now. They design, build and maintain complex components that have to run at high speeds. Aeronamic products are used for both military and civilian applications.


It is one of Aeronamic top priorities to produce sustainable products. According to Aeronamic, there is a lot of demand for this on the market. “Sustainability is key for aviation in general, and for Aeronamic in particular. For example, we are developing a compact and lightweight ultra-high-speed compressor with which on-board cooling can be provided. This results in so much fuel and emissions savings, that there is a lot of interest from the market. Moreover, we are working on a way to apply this outside of aviation; an ultra-high-speed heat pump with which houses and buildings can be cooled and heated.

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Voortman Steel Group

Voortman Steel Group from Rijssen is also very happy with the results. “With a 45th place, Voortman Steel Group is the highest new entry in the top 100 and the biggest riser: compared to last year we rose an impressive 62 places. A great result that we are happy with! Voortman develops steel structures and machines, which they do for customers in the manufacturing industry, utility construction, shipbuilding, and the industrial sector. From the drawing table to the end product: everything is done in-house at Voortman.


Voortman Steel Group, too, sees sustainability as an important part of their work. “At Voortman Steel Group, we stand with both feet on the ground, with our eyes on the future. With all new products and buildings, our focus is on sustainable development (energy and materials) and on reducing environmental impact (waste, CO2, and energy).”

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