Why do companies like our region so much?

Twente is home to many big and internationally operating companies. But why did they choose for this region? What is it that they like so much here? If we know this, we can attract other companies in a more targeted way.

In short

  • Twente has a favourable business climate for companies
  • The beautiful environment, work mentality, talent from Twente and a good location contribute to this

Global Goal

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Firstly, something that would be useful for many companies: if travelling to other regions in the country could be done faster. There is much business activity in the centre and west of our country, as well as many potential customers. Anything that can help to reach those parties faster, would be great for many companies in our region. Faster railway connections perhaps, or wider roads, to name two things. But that’s about it, because our region has a lot of advantages for many companies.


Regarding the business culture in our region: people here are very committed and loyal. That is worth a lot for a company. We have many companies here where employees continue to work for years and years. It is partly due to the business climate in this region. Also, these people have a connection with the region. They grew up here, and their friends and families often live here too. People staying with your company for a long time naturally enhances your image, enough to make companies from other regions notice.


Another important point: the quality of professionals here in the region is excellent. Many companies have recruited these professionals from within the region, and they are generally doing very well. It is a misconception that specialists can only be found in the west of the country. The amount of talent we have here also appeals to companies from other regions. 


In addition, companies and other organisations in our region know each other well. There is extensive contact with colleges – varying from MBO’s to universities – throughout the country. Through collaborations, many innovations are investigated and developed and as a result, above-average products are often put on the market. Within these investigations there is ample room for trainees, giving future talent plenty of opportunities. In addition to working together with these colleges, many companies are also constantly seeking connections with other companies. Many companies here find it important to invest in relationships and thus contribute to the broad development of the region. It is a great opportunity for any company that settles itself here to join this.


Perhaps a less obvious reason: our green environment. Many foreign customers think our region is beautiful. How nice is it then, to go out into nature for a meeting? You only need to step out the door. Not entirely when you’re on an industrial area, of course, but a wonderful piece of greenery is never far away. Great responses are guaranteed, and your contacts will probably still talk about it a year after! The beautiful environment that characterises our region is an added value for many companies.


And then, the region also provides us with a specific type of employees: people who are more open and live more consciously. Possibly because we do not live in big city centres. It is less volatile here, and people know each other longer and better. Perhaps we can use this – so “just” based on our DNA – to stimulate students to get their educations here in the region. The fact is that many students stay close to the city where they studied. Suppose we make studying here as attractive as possible, that also offers new potential for the regional labour market – and another argument for companies from other regions to set up here.

Date: 26 November 2019 |

Source of tekst: INN'twente |

Author: INN'twente

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