Twente creates an impact

The Ondernemend Twente Platform has set priorities for the socio-economic strengthening of the Twente region. First and foremost, entrepreneurs see great opportunities for Twente to make a substantial contribution to the national energy transition. Industrial companies and farmers from Twente have been developing smart solutions for new sources of energy for decades. These efforts deserve upscaling and exploitation, making Twente the sustainable energy producer for and in the Netherlands. 

In short

  • Farmer as a solution: Twente uses 30% renewable energy by 2030.
  • Strategic location between Amsterdam and Berlin: accelerate the construction of a high-speed train line between Amsterdam and Berlin.
  • Twente as a residential alternative to the Randstad: constructing affordable owner-occupied homes.

Global Goal

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An important priority is better connecting Twente with the world. Entrepreneurs strongly argue for a faster connection between Amsterdam and Berlin, via Twente. The accessibility of Twente contributes to retaining and attracting talent in the region. Aside from an improved connection, Twente should focus on sustainable and affordable housing. Starters and families can, in fact, buy a home in Twente. Twente is the residential alternative for the Randstad.

Agriculture is not the problem, but the solution

A balance between supply and demand in the energy distribution network is sought for globally. Smart solutions create new energy sources. Examples are the production of pyrolysis oil and fermentation installations at farmers for the production of green gas. This gas can be distributed in the region through the existing gas networks. “In Twente, we do not regard the agricultural sector as a problem, but rather as a promising sector in which inventive farmers come up with solutions themselves,” says René Venendaal (BTG). The business community in Twente has been actively looking for alternatives to fossil fuels for years, setting a national and global example. The objective of the Ondernemend Twente Platform is to have the Twente region operate on at least 30% renewable energy by 2030. Twente is a testing ground for the development of new technologies. The technological solutions are export products and therefore of great value to the socio-economic development of Twente. By investing in renewable energy, Twente is a crucial player in achieving the energy transition goals that the Netherlands has set.

Entrepreneurs in Twente choose for a new train line

The Ondernemend Twente Platform wants to accelerate the construction of the high-speed train line (HSL) between Amsterdam and Berlin. Twente is strategically located on the “Berlin Boulevard” and is the hub to Germany. Not only are good train connections important for the transport and handling of goods, but also for the mobility of people. Entrepreneurs in Twente recognise that additional road capacity in the Netherlands is limited. “More and faster train connections are necessary to meet the future mobility needs,” says Raymond van Cleef (AlienTrick), “For both companies and employees, trains are a fast and comfortable alternative to cars. Additionally, a fast connection with Amsterdam and the Randstad is an important condition for attracting and retaining talent in Twente.”

Twente offers the living environment for future-oriented talent

Talent is of great importance for the future of Twente. Attracting and retaining talent is high on the agenda of entrepreneurs in Twente. Hans ter Steege (Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed): “Affordable owner-occupied homes are one of the incentives for talent to choose to settle in Twente. Additionally, having sufficient affordable owner-occupied homes for starters and families distinguishes Twente from other regions.” A positive side effect is that the competitiveness of the construction sector in Twente is improved. The development and construction of affordable housing give the sector a unique position in the Netherlands. This contributes to the socio-economic strengthening of Twente.

The value of Ondernemend Twente

Twente develops solutions to global problems. Smart solutions have been developed in Twente for years. Ideas are being tested and subsequently successfully exploited by entrepreneurs in Twente. Ingenuity from Twente creates a global impact. Ondernemend Twente, the partnership of all business networks in Twente, has set its priorities to be creating a positive impact on the living environment, the economy and attracting future talent. By developing a joint strategic agenda, entrepreneurs in Twente take their responsibility to contribute to the future prosperity and well-being of the region.

New-style stewardship in Twente

Platform Ondernemend Twente has asked Han ten Broeke to analyse the priorities of fifty entrepreneurs in Twente. The integral recommendations have been presented by Han in the memorandum ‘New-style stewardship in Twente’. Take a look at

Date: 21 September 2019 |

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