Demcon is exporting technology and knowledge

Twente-based high-end technology supplier Demcon is expanding to Singapore. Not only will they export physical products, but they will also share their knowledge. The medtech company, with high-tech systems and medical devices as focus areas, has been around for more than 26 years and currently has 600 employees.

In short

  • In Asia, due to the increasing ageing of the population, technological applications such as robotics are stimulated by the government.
  • Demcon is opening a site in Singapore to export technology and knowledge.

Global Goal

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Tim Gorter becomes managing director of the newest DEMCON site in Singapore. “Prospects were enthusiastic in all conversations we had with them, but a subsequent appointment was only possible on our next visit, usually a few months later. This way of working is not efficient, and that is why we have decided to open a subsidiary office in Singapore.”


DEMCON has a worldwide customer base. Not only physical products are exported, but also the knowledge that can be applied by the customer. The decision to open an office in Singapore is a logical choice since DEMCON has had customers there for years.

Increasing demand in Asia

Demcon received help from RVO (The Netherlands Enterprise Agency) and its international network with opening their new office. The RVO is the executive organisation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs and Climate. Kamal Afarmach is Asia's business development manager at the RVO. About Singapore, he says: “As prosperity increases, people have more to spend and are willing to pay more for high-quality products. Countries cannot always meet this increasing demand themselves. Dutch companies can fill that gap, especially with their technology.”


In addition, DEMCON is in touch with Astrid Seegers, innovation consultant at the Innovation-Attaché Network in Singapore. Gorter: “Astrid understands very well what we do and has brought us into contact with parties on the spot, which significantly benefits us. She helped us establish the Singapore office by putting us in touch with the right parties. She precisely knows the process. Once we get started in Singapore, I will certainly continue the conversation with her.”


Astrid adds: “Singapore faces a number of societal challenges, including the ageing population. Technological applications such as robotics are therefore encouraged by the government. That is why a program was set up in 2015 to promote the development and adoption of this new technology. In cooperation with the RVO, we have set up a number of trade missions between Dutch and Singaporean companies and knowledge institutions. This goes two ways: from and to both The Netherlands and Singapore. DEMCON was put on the radar of various companies and governmental agencies and managed to generate leads. It is great that these connections have led to an office in Singapore.”

Date: 1 August 2019 |

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