Lifelong development

Investing in people, the work environment and job satisfaction, enabling craftsmen to continue to develop themselves in the resilient labour market in Twente. Twente invests in Life Long Development! Yesterday, the Twente Fund for Craftsmanship (in Dutch: Twents Fonds voor Vakmanschap) was officially kicked off. The first education cheques have been granted. The cheque can be used by craftsmen to keep developing themselves. 

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In short

  • Not only is there a shortage of staff, but a (future) mismatch on the labour market as well.
  • Twente invests in lifelong development through the Twente Fund for Craftsmanship

Global Goal

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Economic, social and technological developments are changing the labour market in Twente, making investing in craftsmanship increasingly important to keep the economy in Twente running. That is why entrepreneurs, governments and educational institutions jointly enable talent and craftsmanship to be developed through the Twente Fund for Craftsmanship.


John van der Vegt is a member of the Twente Board, which has driven the creation of the fund. “Many people in Twente that finished vocational education (MBO) do relatively little regarding professional development after graduation, in terms of refresher courses, new study areas or retraining. We want to stimulate such development to solve and avoid mismatches on the labour market. In other words, we want to stimulate lifelong development. Accessibility is essential. The Twente Fund for Craftsmanship makes this development financially accessible.”

Opportunities for craftsmen in Twente

Fewer and fewer qualified craftsmen are present in Twente, while the economy increasingly demands such people. Not only because of the amount of work because due to the boom, but also to replace retiring employees. This shortage not only concerns people with a theoretical educational background, as even more practice trained people will be needed (Twente Index 2018). There are ample opportunities for craftsmen in Twente, now and in the future. Craftsmen need to continue to develop themselves.


View the Twente Index 2018 below​

How the fund works

Working people, self-employed people and job seekers in Twente that are interested in refresher courses, new study areas or retraining up until MBO Level 4 can apply for the Twente Fund for Craftsmanship. Edwin Kamp, manager of the fund, says: “They can apply for a personal cheque of maximally €5000,- to pay for education. They are supported by a career counsellor of the Leerwerkloket Twente or the Loopbaanstation. Those counsellors conduct a career interview and assess the application. If positive, they will draw up a training plan together with the participant.”


More information can be found at You can also apply for a check via this website.


The Twente Fund for Craftsmanship is made possible by the financial support of the Agenda voor Twente. This Agenda is an investment program (2018-2022) in which entrepreneurs, educational and research institutes and governments join forces for a technological, innovative and strong region. Among the investors are the Province of Overijssel, the national government and entrepreneurs based in Twente.

Date: 31 January 2019 |

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