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The network-organisations Technologie Kring Twente (TKT), Verenigde Maakindustrie Oost Nederland (VMO) and the foundation Advanced Materials Manufacturing East Netherlands (AMMON) will commence a joint venture as off 2017. The three parties will collaborate for at least five years to further develop innovative knowledge and technological entrepreneurship in Twente and East-Netherlands.

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In short

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On Thursday 27 October the joint venture between TKT, VMO and AMMON was endorsed at a joint network evening at Twenthe Airport. The three network-organisations together represent a large number of stakeholders. Purpose of this collaboration is the development of an ecosystem of knowledge intensive and technological entrepreneurship and rapidly strengthen this development. Prompted by the insight that the bundling of strategic agendas and joint advocacy, development programs, events and communication produces the greatest impact for members. Growth, connection, knowledge, internationalization, innovation and recruitment of workers are cited as main motivations by members of the network organizations. The collaboration makes it possible to give substance to this with a greater impact, according to the directors. Rapprochement is sought with other relevant corporate networks and stakeholders such as the Province of Overijssel, Regio Twente and Kennispark Twente.

Practical approach

The strategic goals have been translated into practical actions and programmes. Across the year open meeting will be held around several innovative developments. Once a month the members will exchange knowledge about entrepreneurship in a closed setting. The search for connection is an ever-present process. Boards and CEO’s from affiliated technology companies play an essential part in this process. The collaboration is the answer to the need for collective power of the sector. The covenant between TKT, WMO and AMMON is an important step in reducing fragmentation and to strengthen the structure and vigor of entrepreneurial East Netherlands.

Date: 1 November 2016 |


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