Fast-growing Demcon stays in Twente

Demcon has grand ambitions. They are a high-end technology supplier and now have locations in several countries. However, the head office will stay in Enschede partly because CEO Dennis Schipper has strong ties to the region. The new Demcon Campus will soon offer plenty of room for further growth and new talent.

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  • Demcon is growing and already has locations in several countries. Its head office will stay in Enschede, though.
  • Demcon is working on a new inspiring Demcon Campus, which will contribute to strengthening Twente’s economy.

Global Goal

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The inspiring new Demcon Campus will contribute to the strengthening of Twente’s economy. Founder and CEO Dennis Schipper wants to give something back to the region from which he received so much himself over the years. Demcon offers space to more talents than ever before. Schipper: “We can show that this is the place to be. That tomorrow starts today, here. We are growing fast when it comes to development, production and assembly. We will continue doing this in Enschede.”

Two jobs elsewhere

Schipper’s vision is not a marketing story. He and his 750 colleagues are convinced that growth is only possible when you respect your roots and have a clear vision for the future. Central to the vision is the impact that Demcon wants to make. Schipper: “We do this by developing technological solutions for social challenges. These solutions are innovative systems and products with smart applications in healthcare, safety, water, energy and communication. We are committed to technological innovation and stimulate entrepreneurship and investment in talent and education.” Demcon wants to have an impact on the region in this way. “Think of economic growth and new job opportunities; it is a known fact that each highly educated employee in a company creates two jobs elsewhere in the region.”

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Ties to Twente

Demcon has around five hundred employees in Enschede. The ties to the region are evident from the close contact with the University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and ROC van Twente. “Many graduates from these three universities find a job with us”, says Schipper. “We want to use our plans for Enschede as a blueprint for our other locations. We want to create an inspiring working environment and room for growth with campus development.”


Demcon wants to start constructing the new Demcon Headquarters at Kennispark Twente at the end of this year. This will be the heart of the Demcon Campus in Enschede together with the Demcon Innovation Center and two other buildings. “For us, the campus is a breeding ground for a lively high-tech community around the Demcon Group”, says Schipper. “It is all about spontaneous meeting and connecting. Our group continues to develop itself as a collective of companies that develop, produce and assemble technologically complex systems and equipment.” Demcon expects to have 1,000 employees in Enschede by 2025. The supply chain already consists of around 350 companies, primarily located in direct surroundings.


Demcon’s director of operations, Bianca Screever, also sees the importance of community. “The most beautiful things emerge by making connections with councillors and talking to your neighbours. You need good plans at the foundation, but they will only come to life when you talk about them. What’s more, this allows us to continue improving them.”


Attention to the immediate surroundings is extra important to Screever, now that Demcon is getting bigger and bigger. “This may look threatening to other companies in the community, but we want it to feel like an opportunity for working together. So that everyone in the community knows that we are open to them.” You can already see this in practice, says Screever: “People know where to find us. We come together based on shared thoughts about entrepreneurship, innovation and practical solutions. We regularly offer office space to start-ups, for example. If we can spare a few desks, then why shouldn’t we? It helps us all.”

Retaining talent together

Screever and Schipper are closely following the developments at Kennispark Twente. “It will be a great place for new developments and ideas that need space for testing”, says Schipper.  “It will be a testing ground for all those technical innovations in which we play a role”, adds Schreever. “How cool that? The companies in the supply chain also play an important role. A combined effort helps to retain and further develop talent. Thinking along and offering space and opportunities.  We are open about this and want to stimulate movement. That will ultimately strengthen the entire region.”

Date: 27 July 2021 |

Source of tekst: Innovation Origins |

Author: Demcon

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