Enschede is the lively heart of Twente, the East and the Euregion. No less than 28 per cent of employment in Twente can be found here. Moreover, the number of business establishments and jobs has been showing a solid upward trend for years, so entrepreneurial Twente has left the national averages far behind.

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A city of the future, where innovation thrives

One of the reasons for this is the great innovative strength that results from the flourishing cooperation between companies and Enschede’s knowledge institutions, such as the University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, ROC van Twente and Kennispark Twente. Technological innovation thrives in entrepreneurial Enschede. Therefore, growth is mainly in knowledge-intensive sectors such as high-tech systems, advanced materials, life science, medical technology, agrofood and chemistry. The creative industry benefits from this and grows similarly.

Plenty of business opportunities

Entrepreneurial Enschede offers plenty of business opportunities and facilitates and strengthens knowledge development and new business activity. This is reinforced by the construction of modern business parks and newbuilds and the conversion of former factory complexes, often close to the city centre. The district of Roombeek is an excellent example of this. It is a district with a varied, contemporary architectural concept, where working goes hand in hand with living and culture such as museums, galleries, catering and the creative industry. A recent development concerns the reorganisation of the airport, Technology Base Twente. This base accommodates the research, production and demonstrations of high-tech applications, such as advanced battery technology for the aviation sector, the automotive industry and others. Drones are also tested and developed there.

State of business and sustainability

An up-to-date view of Enschede with background information on business activity and sustainability can be found on the dashboard of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten, VNG):


Municipality of Enschede

The municipality of Enschede consists of the city of Enschede and the villages of Boekelo, Glanerbrug, Lonneker and Usselo. They have over 158,000 inhabitants.


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A flourishing city: living and tourism in Enschede

Enschede is a flourishing city in many respects. The revitalisation of the city centre has been successfully pursued in recent years. Many cities struggle with increasing vacancy rates of retail properties, but Enschede has welcomed more and more retail businesses, including some of international renown.

The city continues to attract many visitors with its centre full of shops, restaurants, entertainment and culture. It has also allowed sectors such as hospitality, retail and tourism to grow.


Great place to live

Enschede is a great place to live. The inner part of the city, enclosed by a ring of former canals, has characteristic residential areas and pars. You can find younger, larger residential areas with lots of greenery outside of them. The strategic vision for Enschede 2030 is to create new housing opportunities within the existing area instead of expanding further. In this way, Enschede remains a city where you can reach every conceivable location within fifteen minutes by bike, from the centre. As a city of knowledge and talent, Enschede also wants to retain the growing number of students after they graduate. There are plenty of opportunities for a pleasant living for this target group.


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