Innovations such as the Nightcoach, 360 degrees scan and drones

RJ Safety & Security ensures integral safety
There are large staff shortages in the healthcare industry. At the same time, the feeling of insecurity for healthcare employees is increasing. RJ Safety & Security in Enschede offers a solution for both problems: the Nightcoach (Nachtcoach in Dutch), a safety officer who can also help relieve work pressure. The Nightcoach is just one of the innovations of the company to increase safety in our society.

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  • There are large staff shortages in the healthcare industry and employees feel increasingly insecure.
  • RJ Safety & Security’s Nightcoach is the solution: a safety officer who can also help relieve work pressure.

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You don’t just wake up to be a Nightcoach. Even though you will not have to perform any care duties at night, you must be able to lend a hand and help and know what is involved in dealing with patients or clients. “In collaboration with a large healthcare institution in Twente we have developed a special training program. The Nightcoaches in training not only develop security skills, but they also learn to provide first aid, emergency response and to recognise behaviour”, director Ard Heuten explains. The first Nightcoaches have been working in care institutions since mid-November and are positively valued. “Our Nightcoaches perform supporting tasks, such as facility-related or administrative tasks. No care tasks, but activities that relieve some of the caregiver’s workload. At the same time, healthcare employees know that the Nightcoach is available to provide support if needed, for example in case of aggressive behaviour. We hope that this will help to prevent the outflow of staff.”


The Nightcoach is just one of many innovations that RJ Safety & Security has introduced in recent years. All innovations have one thing in common, as they are all part of a major change: from security to safety. Safety consists of a much broader interpretation of tasks. “In our industry, we must innovate. It may seem that Twente is not very affected by criminality, but it would be naïve to think that safety is ensured without any measures. Moreover, cybercrime is not limited to certain regions. It is the biggest risk at this moment.”

Companies or institutions that want to know how safe they are can have RJ Safety & Security perform a 360-degree scan. Heuten: “We provide insight into the current situation and we look very specifically at what aspects need to be addressed. Occasionally, a company requests three people to be stationed at their gate. Of course, we can deliver this, but is that the best approach in terms of safety and costs? We look at the complete picture with the customer: from buildings and staff to automation, and certainly including cybersecurity. Even though the digital network is well protected, the staff sometimes still needs training on how to handle mail and other digital information safely. We believe people are the weakest link.” RJ has a great deal of expertise in-house and hires reliable parties for the topics they don’t have the expertise in.


Technology is indispensable in modern security. Technological solutions such as intelligent cameras and sensors have long been part of the total package of safety measures that RJ Safety & Security can use to create a greater sense of safety. Since last year, the company from Enschede has also been a partner in the UIVER (Unmanned Intelligent Verification and Effective Response) project, in which the deployment of drones for safety is tested. This project includes collaboration with Twente Security Region, Space53, the Police, Twente Fire Department, Twente Safety Campus, Ambulance East Netherlands and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. In a specially equipped room at the Twente Safety Campus, realistic outdoor conditions are simulated to be able to make a weather-resistant and vandalism-proof product that is market-ready. “For example, suppose a sensor detects movement on a business park. We would now go there by car. This can take a while, especially when roads are broken or when traffic is down. When we arrive, the target person may be long gone. The future is a drone that can be on the spot very quickly, mapping the entire situation. In our monitoring operation centre we can then decide whether further action is needed or not,” Heuten explains. 


Bringing innovation into practice is self-evident for the company. That is why trainees and graduates from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences are always welcome. “They can think with us about technological innovations. We also like to use students when it comes to securing festivals, for example. They have a nice side job, but often also add value for us because they look at security with a fresh perspective.”

Date: 19 June 2019 |

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Author: Frederike Krommendijk

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