Children can work on a future in technology at Hangar21

Technology is one of Twente’s strong points; not only in business life but in education as well. For years, Twente has been looking for strong future-proof technological education. Especially the University of Twente offers many technical studies. But Hangar21 is now also challenging primary school children to discover and develop their technical talents. 

In short

  • One of Twente’s strong points is technology
  • Hangar21 offers primary school children a place for discovering and developing their technical talents. 

Global Goal

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Many initiatives have already emerged for technical education, for both high school and higher vocational education. “An ongoing programme in primary education did not exist yet, though. That is very unfortunate since love for something like technology develops when children are between 4 and 12 years old”, according to co-initiator and educationalist Tim Post.


Hangar21 is an adventurous hangar on Airport Twenthe. Children are inspired here, and we help them with making their inventions. This hangar is a place where they can discover how interesting, versatile and fun technology is. The children learn how to shape their technical solutions for technological challenges, together with technicians. 
“Technical solutions for the future are being created with today’s childlike curiosity.”


Created for primary schools

Hangar21 offers a place, for pupils from primary schools in particular, where young technical talents can evolve. Here, children can discover how interesting technology can be. Marten Foppen explains: “We thought about how useful it would be to give primary school pupils access to their workshop, with real tools and inspiration from young technicians in the business world. Our idea? Do and give everything for breathing life into the children’s technological dreams, and help them with building a promising future in technology.”


Thousands of pupils and their teachers are expected to start an annual programme this school year. The goal of this annual programme is intertwining technical education with regular teaching programmes, such as arithmetic and language, but also with music lessons and gymnastics.

Date: 8 September 2020 |