Digital control of facility disturbances

To be least confronted with clutter and dirt, an efficient cleaning process is required. The Almelo cleaning company Asito developed a new online navigation platform in which facility disturbances can be dealt with quickly.

In short

  • Clutter and dirt leave a bad impression. Therefore, quick cleaning is required
  • The paper process of arranging cleaning is now digital
  • Asito developed a Digital Service Platform for an efficient cleaning process

Global Goal

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Time-consuming process

On the Asito Digital Service Platform, facility disturbances such as a spilt cup of coffee are plotted on a digital map. In large objects (facilities) it can take much time to resolve disturbances on time. It sometimes happens that a spilt cup of coffee is on the floor longer than necessary. Wouter Arkink, Innovation Manager at Asito, explains: “If something needs to be cleaned, our employees in the control centre were notified. The control centre would then report this disturbance to the object leader, who in turn would search for the cleaning force closest to the disturbance. The object leader used to do this by calling all employees one by one since he is unaware of the cleaning staff’s locations. After these steps, the nearest cleaning worker then still had to look for the spilt coffee. A time-consuming job, resulting in clutter remaining present unnecessarily long. With the Asito Digital Service Platform that is a thing of the past.”

Efficiency gains through a unique platform

Disturbances are created on an interactive map on the new platform so that cleaning staff can respond immediately. This gives cleaning staff more autonomy and leads to a large efficiency gain.


According to Arkink, the app uses digital indoor maps: “The control centre can precisely indicate where the disruption is located, after which the nearest cleaner automatically receives a notification. The app then navigates the person to the location of the disturbance. Not only does this app make us much more efficient, but it also enhances the passenger experience.”

Further development

The current app has been built for cleaning at the Schiphol airport, but a modified version will soon also be available for other large locations. In the future, the app will become a platform for all kinds of facility disruptions. Sensors will soon be able to show exactly where, for example, a trash can must be emptied, when a copier needs maintenance or when a certain plant needs water. Until now, passing on sensor information to the workplace was complicated. The Digital Service Platform solves this. Required facility tasks can be linked to non-cleaning employees as well, for example, to guards, caretakers and so on. This makes chain collaboration a lot easier. Asito is still looking for collaborations with facility partners.

Date: 23 July 2019 |

Source of tekst: Asito |