Bicycle pump from Twente conquers Rotterdam

The public space belongs to us all. We all want to feel good in it. Coherence, design, appearance and safety are therefore important elements within that public space. Falco, leading producer of street furniture, therefore uses those elements as a leading principle in its complete range when furnishing the (public) space. Recently, in Rotterdam, cyclists can make use of the innovative bicycle pumps from the company from Vriezenveen.

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Bicycle-friendly Rotterdam

Rotterdam has drafted a cycling plan to make the city more bike-friendly. And inflated tyres contribute to that of course! The bicycle pumps from Falco, resistant to all weather types, will be placed along the busiest cycling routes in Rotterdam. Exactly those spots where it is difficult to find public parkings, bicycle repair shops and bicycle rentals that have air pumps. Until the end of 2018, the city council will look at the use of the pumps and their functioning. The FalcoBlow pumps can be used for inflating tyres of all kinds of bikes, because the pump is equipped with a reducing nipple, making it suitable to all valves.

The special pump is made of hot-dip galvanized steel and stainless steel. And if the city council of Rotterdam would like them to have a nice colour, it’s even possible to powder coat them in a fresh colour. The bicycle pump is adjusted in a slightly tilted way to make sure the user has a good overview of the meter on top of the pump.

Everything for the bike

The company started out in 1951 with manufacturing transport trucks. In the meantime, Falco has grown in the past 65 years to become a common name and is nowadays strongly specialised in producing bicycle stands, other forms of bicycle parkings and bike overheads in all shapes and sizes. Falco designs, develops and produces most of their products in its own factory in Vriezenveen. Every year, a lot of new products are added to their collection thanks to their own product development and the partnerships they have with several renowned industrial designers.

Date: 15 March 2018 |

Source of tekst: Falco |


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