ELINE, the solar panel to maximise solar energy

The World Solar Challenge has increasingly strict regulations. Continuous adaptions of the solar cars are therefore required to make the vehicles increasingly able to function autonomously. As an example, the movable ELINE solar panel was developed by Solar Team Twente to be used during the mandatory inspection stops at Highway One. Mechanics in optima forma.

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Charging configuration

During the mandatory inspection stops the solar cars are placed in a charging configuration to collect maximum solar power. The team would lift the car and leave it to rest on some improvised beams to position the solar panel optimally towards the sun. New regulations no longer permit touching the car during the inspection stops. That’s why Solar Team Twente developed ELINE, a technological innovation in its solar car.

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Position of the sun

ELINE is a mechanical system that can position the solar panel towards the sun in different positions. The driver can easily control this system because two compression springs support it. The system has various challenges: it must be light, fit in the structure of the car and must be strong enough to support the weight of the solar panel.

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